I think the comments left on my post yesterday were some of the most beautiful comments I have ever received.  I appreciate them all...and I wanted to speak specifically to rachel and jsp...first rachel..that is it exactly..and to know your mom did it..and pulled through, and you were able to see it...that is very encouraging....I cashier..and my left hand gets numb..and i told my husband last night..he massaged my hand..it is encouraging..every little thing helps.  I want more than anything for the legacy of our family to be fifty years of marriage, and the idea that we dont quit on each other. I want my daughters to see that real love is agape love...the love God has for us. That above what I get out of it, I think God put me with him because he knew I wouldnt quit, because I know what it feels like to be thrown away because I wasnt expected..i had no father, so God was my father..so..those are my thoughts...what your mom did was redeem a life..and that is fantastic...and to jsp..anytime you would like to tell a story about your husband, you can swing by here and tell me...even better, maybe you could write a guest post on grief.  I think one of the reasons i talk about these things..is because everyone feels them..but nobody says them..and that leaves people alone.  Alone in a world full of people who are as  hurt and confused and alone as they are...to amber, robin and putz...thank you.  You guys are always there for me....to deb, thank you for posting and pursuing...it is easy for people to fall away from their goals. I always appreciate your honest and objective words. My name was female (wish i knew your real name). You are a dead hoot and a kick. You always make me smile...we all have our problems...i guess i am just the type not to hide mine...i did that for years, and it made me fat and miserable...no more...tomorrow i will start talking about my working out and my job....which is a veritable font of material.

Thanks again guys,
Chris out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris. You're the best. :)


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

So wonderful. I love it so, when magic happens, and the right people find each other and help each other and understand each other. You deserve this.

downsizers said...

I understand completely. I am married to a Viet Nam veteran and it has not been easy. The hardest part for me is not holding it against him when he has been hateful. The biggest mistake of my life was marrying outside of the Church. I was not in Church at the time I married him so I have made it my own fault. If I wanted a Christian home I should have married a Christian. I also have tried to view it as God putting me where I could do the most good. I have considered divorce more than once but never did it. I have also had to keep from throwing things up to him that he has done because he really has gotten better. As a Christian it is hard to have the servant attitude that we are to have. It cannot only be about us but sometimes the best solution is to make it about respect. It doesn't mean we don't respond to bad behavior. It is an act of love to expect the best from others and ourselves and realize that we all fall short. It takes a greater person to fight for what matters when sometimes it would be easier to just chuck the whole thing. Follow your heart.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

My name is Pat and I take what you wrote as a compliment Chris.
;0) I shit you not!

Unknown said...

off to read the comments.


Robin said...

I went back and read the comments on yesterday's blog. They were awesome. It is incredible what people will share when you give them the right door to walk through. That is always what this blog has been about for me. You lay something big out there that is happening to/with/for you and then others look inside themselves and see their own struggles with that very thing. It isn't always EXACTLY the same, but close enough.

Do you remember when you told me you saw yourself sometime in the future being a minister? Well, I think that what you do RIGHT HERE is ministry. You are ministering to every person who reads this blog... just by being you.

Thank you.