I no longer call it a diet

I call it life....when I am doing what I should...watching my intake, exercising...i feel better, I look better.  When I dont manage my time and resources well., eating healthy and exercising get pput on the back burner.

For me..one hour a day, six days a week at a gym is mandatory.  It keeps me on track mentally..it helps me make better choices food wise.  Three days a week are pure cardio...I do an hour on the elliptical.  (i am working back up to this) the other three days i do a two mile walk. (30 minutes) and thirty minutes of whole body toning with free weights..or body weight workouts...like planks and pushups...squats and lunges...etc.

Now mind you, up til two weeks ago it was pretty hit or miss at the gym..adjusting to my new work schedule...figuring out when to go shopping, go to the gym, spend time with my family...it is all a struggle.  So, I solved one of those by dragging my kids to the gym with me three times a week.  Sometimes my so goes as well.

I have learned i don't like lunch foods..i hate soup, I don't really like cold sandwiches...so if anyone has some simple meal ideas, I am up for them.  Quick, tasty and healthy dinner ideas would be appreciated as well.

As far as my evolution as a person...my new job has me interacting with people on a daily basis...something the old fat me never would have done.

And i deal with men all the time...some angry, some friendly, some flirty and some pervy. Lol...
I will relay a few of those stories later...I am out of time...
All in all i am finding balance.

Hope everyone met their goals today..
Calories 1767
Elliptical 45 minutes...
15 minute of stretching....

Chris out.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...


Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Going to the gym every day is really rough, but not nearly, not nearly, NOT NEARLY as rough as trying to go after you've skipped a bit. Congrats on your determined mindset - glad to see you posting regularly again, too.

Take care!

Weighing Well said...

Way to go! As always, you inspire me. Like Jack, I'm glad to see you posting again. Looks like you are working it all out!

Robin said...

Good for you on finding your balance. It seems like it is the one thing everyone is seeking. I think that maintaining it is the hard thing. Or maybe adjusting to the new things that get thrown in. I don't know, but it does seem like it is a constant struggle to be there.

E. Jane said...

So good to be reading your blog again. I remember when I started working after years at home. It was a good thing, and made me a stronger person.

neca said...

Like you, I'm not a fan of the sandwich. I do sometimes makes wraps on a collard leaf (sounds weird, tastes pretty good), but I do pack a lunch every day.

I pack a salad. Hear me out on this one. For one, I might buy some lettuce of baby spinach at work to dump it over, but I don't pack it because it doesn't hold up.

I mix and match the following: 1vegetables (cukes, tomato, zucchini, mushromms) - whatever you like that will hold up in a lunch box.

2 Protein (grilled chicken thigh is my fave, but anything)

3 Extras (olives, banana pepper rings, feta cheese) Whatever makes your salad special.

4 Dressing. This can be thinned out hummus or guacamole, or salsa, or "ranch" made with greek yogurt (if you eat that).

This is getting long, but my point is you get a filling and healthy lunch of any flavor profile (greek, italian, asian) and its cheap and portable.

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Yeah, it just becomes how you do your life. I feel the very same way about exercise and eating well. :D

Unknown said...

U are a very positive person! And someone who always tries to better oneself... That is very inspiring...So glad that u r back writing, since a while... I really wish u the very best for everything... :-)