Thank God the weight of the world.....

Is not on my shoulders...
I'd drop it.
okay...so I am changing up my lifting..
I am lifting more..
not more often..
more machines.
Today I added more back and shoulders and biceps..While keep the back and chest and tricep workout I had been doing.
It takes me nearly 25 minutes to complete...
And you know how much I can lift on the shoulder press.



I can lift more on flys...55 lbs....
You would think my shoulders would be stronger....but they aren't.
You know why.
I haven't worked them.
my quads can only do 30 lbs.
my legs are weak.
I have completely overhauled my workouts...a little less cardio...45 minutes...
alot more lifting...20 to 25 minutes...alternating upper and lower body.
We'll see how it all goes.
Today I started homeschool with my youngest.
We had a lot of fun!
I put together this thing called the adventurer's notebook...
and it has all seven continents subdivided in there..
Now when we learn something in history...or biology or in reading...we will put it under the continent to which it belongs.
Today we were talking about the fertile crescent in Asia, which resides in the modern day countries of Iraq, syria and parts of Turkey.
I think it will really help her to connect how geography and cultures and climates and resources have affected history.
Too fun.
Hope you all are on plan and having a great day.
Talk to you tomorrow,
Chris out.


Anonymous said...

Way to go on homeschooling...not something I could ever imagine myself doing. Love the adventurer's notebook idea!!!

I lifted weights on Sunday...it was tough! I am also feeling it today!

Joy said...

Way to go with the increased lifting. It's amazing how strong you can get. I love it!!

Have fun homeschooling Sounds like a blast!!

Keep focused!

Mama said...

Good job challenging yourself to increase your lifting!

Your adventurer's notebook sounds like a great way to organize the learning you and your kiddo are doing together. Way to go on the homeschooling! Not something I could ever imagine doing myself, but I have great respect for those that do!

Anne H said...

We could all use an Adventurer's Notebook!
You are strong, Chris!

Hanlie said...

Learning should always be fun! I love the idea of an Adventurer's Notebook.

Well done for shaking things up with the weights. You're so right - we all have to start somewhere, and we get stronger by doing.

Lisa said...


Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

I've started weight training Chris (only a couple weeks now) AND I've already seen results in my arms :)

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Always been a little weak in my upper body. I think it is common to women in general. Starting to work on more strength training myself. It is a great feeling to see how far we can come in a short time.
Was at a water park for the last 2 days and was able to do an obstacle course where you cross the pool by hauling your own weight through the water and it was amazing. I used to be able to do almost all of it. Now I can do it all- very easily.
Looking forward to the updates! This will be fun.

Susy said...

LOVE the Adventurer's notebook idea!!
You're making me miss my homeschooling days! I taught 2 of my 5 kids at home when we lived in FL but I put them back in school when we moved to NC... :( Depending on my own schooling, I'll be teaching my 2nd son at home again come 6th grade next year... I really hope I can cuz I can't stand the idea of my kid going to middle school, since that was the beginning of the end for myself and MANY people I know...