single minded determination

For anyone to really drop some serious pounds.
You need single minded determination.
You need to place as much importance on the next bite of food as you did the last..
The exercise..
be there.
When you are excercising, stay in the moment.
Get the most out of each session.
Wake up each day thinking
"I am one day closer to where I want to be."
Each Meal
will either move you forward or take you backwards.
No excuses.
No half hearted walks followed by a cup of ice cream.
No crackers with butter.
No handful of anything at 11 because you are 'starving'.
No,  you aren't...as the extra 20 pounds of fat around your middle will attest. lol.
That fat isn't there as an accessory.
That fat is now fuel.
Fuel for you to use, to win.
Calories in today 1400.
Exercise in at 715 calores burned (1 hour elliptical, upper body weights and 110 situps)
I am not weighing in...
that weird feeling of dread stopped when I stopped seeing the numbers fall.
For a while the scale was motivating me...then it was scaring me.
I have had a fear of being vulnerable for a long time.
I attach that fear to a certain number...139 and below.
So, I am done freaking myself out.
Tomorrow I am going to have my freind take a picture of me in very very tight clothes..I will post it.
Along with measurements.
Then I will post another on September 1rst along with measurements.
As for goal...I will know it when I see it...
and I haven't seen it yet.
When I look in the mirror and like what I see, I will step on a scale and tell you my 'goal weight.'
Till then it's doing the basics...till I get what I want.
See you tomorrow.
Chris out.


Kimberley said...

Go Chris!

Annalisa201 said...

YES. Righteous. HUGS!!!

Mary Ellen said...

Just to recap (particularly the last two posts, but really the lessons I've learned for living a more authentic life via your blog) then, I suppose one might say that, in order to lose weight (or for any addictive behavior, actually), one needs to exercise and exorcise. :)

Christine said...

yes and yes...lol.

E. Jane said...

I think we all reach the point of having to make some changes. Over time, this is normal, because our lives are constantly changing. Best wishes to you, Christine.

Joy said...

Great post. I needed to read this one today! Getting ready to get on the treadmill. I will be in the moment and make the best of the workout!

You are doing great. Keep focused!

downsizers said...

Great reminder of what it takes to be successful. We all need to read and re-read words such as these and let the writer know that we claim these behaviors as kindred spirits, as fellow travelers, and as friends. My total support is with you and others who are willing to live what you have just written. I especially relate to the handful of something late at night. That will stop because you just convicted me of it. Thank you.

Mama said...

Hey Chris! Fabulous words that make me think! I linked and quoted part of your blog on my blog. I hope that is okay! If not, let me know and I will remove it!


Rettakat said...

"Each Meal will either move you forward or take you backwards.
No excuses."

Oh, you are so right... every bite counts.

And singleminded determination.

It takes reminding ourselves every day of these basics. I think I'll stick these up on my fridge!!

I'm back... I just DID stick a note on my fridge, LOL!

Losing it in Vegas said...

Beautiful and truthful words as usual.

paulawannacracker said...

Thank you for the "REMINDER".... I've been avoiding your blog Chris. You're still fabulous and inspiring but you're a reminder of what I am not doing of late.

Glad to be back---pulling inspiration from you every step of the way.