attitude of gratitude...

well, I have been shlumping about quite a bit lately.
blah blah got no money..
So I thought I would make a list of everything I am grateful for.

1.) I have everything I NEED.
I have food, clothing, and a roof over my head.
Heck, I have more than I need.  I have different
kinds of clothes...I have exercise clothes, I have a jacket and a winter coat.  I have dress shoes and tennis shoes etc.

2.) I am actually 5'4...not 5'3.5 (Just found this out at the doctors....lol)   Which puts my normal weight a little higher! yeah me!

3.) I have two beautiful children and a husband who have a good attitude about paying down debt and not spending money.

4.) It's been raining like crazy so I don't have to water my garden (hence saving on my water bill).

5.) I have brothers whose weddings I may miss, but who I am close to.

6.) I have a mother who cared enough to work and take care of us while we were growing up.

7.) I have my health..except for the ear...which is getting better.

8.) I have good friends.

9.) I still have my dog even though my cat ran off.

10.) I don't have to buy pumpkins, because we have grown some biggun's in our back yard.

What are you grateful for?

I burned 640 calories today.
I am in some physical distress but otherwise fully functioning...a little sore.
But, hey...it's nothing to compare to boot camp.
Today was a good day to be alive.
God bless.
Chris out.


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I am taking a small break from being all stressed out while packing to go away on vacation and here you are being all grateful...:)
I may forget a few things and not get some things done before I go, but yes, I am oh so grateful for the chance to feel alive and warm in the sun we are headed for.
I am grateful for jobs in our household, my fun dogs, cars that take us where we need to go, plenty of food, my health, and the ability to fix things with enough time and gumption, even if I wish I could hire the work out!

Anonymous said...

I have a post just like this in my head right now. You wrote it for me. I'll finish it in this comment. :)

Finances have been tight here, too. We make half of the income we made 5 years ago. half. But just when I wondered how I was going to pay our real estate taxes next month, $740 showed up in a most unexptected way this week. (Well, okay, I sold a gold chain I don't wear. But how great is it that I had that quality jewelry and the price of gold is so high! ) Clear money.

And since my income is so low, two months ago, the state decided to forgive my student loan, so that saves $300 a month.

My last new car is 8 years old-->and running fine except for the need of a new muffler. And it's a great car that fits the grandchildren in the backseat. :D

My house is paid for, and although some rooms need work, it's big and laid out well and has central air conditioning now (no mean feat for a 130 year old house!) and it's walking distance from the store, banks and my granddaughter's preschool. I love my house--and so does every one who visits. It feels like home the minute you walk in the door.

The list could go on for quite a while and cover many more things than material examples. Bottom line is that although a stranger would look around my life and feel a little sorry for me, I think,I not only have all that I need, I enjoy and truly appreciate what I have. And THAT is the real gift.

God is good.


Tony said...

I'm grateful for food stamps - no seriously.

Putz said...

i will tell you what i am not grateful for<><><>medicare and medicade aer useless>><<>i worked my whole life paying into it and now i am told if i want medical coverqage i will have to buy a medicare suppliment policy which covers part d drugs, so i did spend 250 a month for me and my wife and when i went to get my drugs i was told 65 dollars and i said i have medicare and an suppliment also><<>he said this bottle of medicine is a 5oo dollar botlte of medicine><><>

Unknown said...


Sometimes remembering the little things helps too :)

MB said...

Everything! It's good to remind ourselves how truly lucky we are.

God bless!