Getting angry doesn't solve anything.....

Hello all,
how's it going. 
I had a little something happen today that was a real clarifier.
Getting angry doesn't solve the problem..
In fact, anger can really inhibit a rational response.
Say you are angry because you are fat.
You look in the mirror and all the sudden  you feel depression (anger turned inwards)....
That doesn't lead to weight loss, it usually leads to a binge.
YOu feel angry.
Angry at yourself...
which generally turns to name calling, which turns to self hate..
which turns to your favorite drug of choice to numb yourself out...
Or you are angry at your family.
You blame them for your being fat.
If only I didn't have to
A..B..or C...
I would be thin.
I would be healthy.
That's all Bullsh*t.
Getting angry about being fat..
or being in debt.
Of having your toilet overflow and leak into your garage because you didn't fix a handle..
It does nothing.
Now all there is to do is to clean it up.
And it will take a long time.
So you had best get a good attitude and be happy.
And fix the small things so they don't become big things..
That five pounds, so it doesn't turn into 100 lbs.
...that 300 dollar credit car so it doesn't turn into 3000...
And the handle on the toilet that sticks...so it doesn't turn into an  all day nasty fest of cleaning toilet water.

Chris out.


Lisa said...

Amen girl. I work on this every day.

Flabby McGee said...

pure awesome.

Rettakat said...

Yikes... I hope that last plumbing example wasn't personal experience speaking! :-O

Good words. I wish I had heard, believed, and acted upon this when I was younger and smaller.

But now I know... so now I need to DO. :-)

E. Jane said...

So much truth in your words. I wish I would have....Then I could have....Now the road back is longer, more expensive, and much more difficult. Thanks for the reminder!

Joy said...

So true!! Keep up the great work my Friend!

Stay focused!

Bring Pretty Back said...

Preach it Sister!
Have a pretty day!

Hanlie said...

An extremely timely reminder - I was momentarily pissed off at myself for being so fat that I can literally find nothing to wear to work... Not a thing! But that doesn't help.

Eeeek on the toilet problems!

carla said...

so so so so so flipping TRUE.

outdoor.mom said...

we made our beds....

glad all is well over there!!

F. McButter Pants said...

So glad your back. I can't stand getting angry. It is such a waste of energy. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

I've needed to put this line of thinking in full force so many times the last couple weeks.... it really does NOT pay to hold anger or other negative feelings. It becomes your words, your thoughts, your outward appearance to others and everything slowly derails from there. There is power in forgiveness, acceptance and forward thinking. Thanks for posting this and glad you are thinking like this! It does work wonders. :)

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

You are not kidding. We all tend to live on a slippery slope. Vigilance must always be kept in one form or another.