Captain obvious-Back from the abyss

Chris is tired and ready to go to bed...So she thought she would let me...
Captain obvious-
Pinch Hit.
If she knew what kind of mood I was in, she never would have agreed.

But with her having popped a couple of unisom (and heading for la la land)
..and seemingly oblivious to my mental machinations...
I thought I would vent my spleen as regards  presidential contenders and our 'news' organizations.

We really shouldn't blame them...it's a general word...meaning..
"Information some moron thought important enough to type up and slap into either paper format and/or digital media."
The amount of Money and Time spent on said Americanized "news' is (or should be) criminal.
I sometimes read The Onion...
Its a fictional newspaper that is often sometimes more accurate than actual news.
Just like John Stewart and the daily show is often sometimes more accurate than ACTUAL "news".
For instance....

In which we find The Curious Case of the Invisible Presidential Contender.

Captain obvious finds this hysterically funny....and obnoxiously sad at the same time.

Captain obvious finds some of Ron's ideas kooky.
But, Captain obvious is so pissed at this obvious media bias right now, and It's tendency to Dumb Down our political discourse...
That captain obvious would be secretly delighted (Now not so secretly) to see the sheer terror and disorientation should the good doctor actually win...
 So delighted, that he is contemplating voting for Ron Paul...if only  Captain obvious can break free from the hypnotic allure of 'the Republican front runner's" luscious locks, rugged appeal, and pre packaged sound bites.

After this ad, the aliens invade and Rick Perry rolls up his sleeves, grabs his megaphone, and leads the world in defeating the invading horde.
Then there are stories like this one in which we learn that John Boehner, republican house majority leader ...sleeps well and is not angry, though we do discover later on in the 'news' article that he is not having "any fun".

Now that one I thought was an onion article..as it reminded me so much of this http://www.theonion.com/video/obama-begs-us-not-to-embarrass-him-in-front-of-fre,21068/)

Not to leave our (dis) honorable colleagues on the left out of this moron extravaganza....Harry Reed thinks so much of bike trails he thought he would slap it into the transportation bill..

On the same day John's relative health and happiness were being debated here  in america,
This was the lead story in Israel...
Wherein we learn Israel has signed a peace treaty with greece and is on the verge of a war with turkey.  Considering the muslim brotherhood takeover in Egypt, the palestinian unrest in the west bank...the Iranians who are on the verge of obtaining a nuclear weapon and syria who is outright murdering her people while we chase Qaddafi all over the lybian desert...I think we are on the precipice of another world war...
Not that our news is covering that; CAptain obvious feels that someday, we here in america will wake up and the world will be at war and we will think it's because Jersey Shore And The Kardashians are having a throwdown.
Obviously done,
 Captian out


Anonymous said...

Let me preface this by saying that I am a conservative. (You know, just so I get the right kind of hate mail.)

That ad by Perry was actually frightening. I kept scrolling up and down to see if it was a sick joke. Is it a joke? Please, let it be a joke.

I come from a political family and I remember my father working for candidates during many elections, so it came as a huge surprise to me, yesterday, when I realized that I was already disgusted with this presidential run. And the primary is still eight months away here.

Not that I'll be voting in the primary. Although I am a conservative, I am also a registered Democrat. :} I believe that our president deserves the respect his office is due, but I'm not voting for him--so I won't be voting until November.

And you're right about the news, too. I can't tell you the number of times that my husband and I are watching it, and I've looked at him after a report on something and said, "How is that news? Why should I care about that?" And what is not ridiculous is so skewed it ought not to be believed.

Yeah. I will stop the rant on your comment section....but it's hard. You see, I've been having this rant silently to myself since yesterday.


downsizers said...

I am a conservative as well. One of my biggest complaints is how Democrats have re-worded things. If they lie, it is "misspoke". A war is a "man caused disaster". These extra little side conflicts are "kinetic overseas operations" or something to that effect. I don't like changing things in this way - they think Americans are too stupid to see through this? Taxes are revenues now and stimulus money is investment. Makes me crazy.

Putz said...

i am NOT a conservative