The End of Summer

I can feel it.
It's in the breeze when I sit on my front porch.
It's in the feeling you get when you take a walk and the sun is heading for the horizon early.
It's the feeling that has an echo.
The echo of all the other summers that slid away.
Today It made me melancholy.
I was watching the sun set and I decided to go up and get my girls an ice cream.
And as we drove back we turned up the radio and sang along.
And I remembered..
The summers I would go down to 8 point lake and swim and then drip dry in the sun.
When the tigers won the pennant in 84.
The summer I was 16 and thought my heart was broken by a boy named ellery...


The summer I spent as a counselor in Training.
listening to a guy named steve play the guitar while we sang along..
and then lay under the stars for hours just talking.

The four summers I worked at the barn, riding horses and goofing off.

The summer before I joined the army spent cruising up and down main street in clare for no other reason than that there was nothing to do...
and then getting a marriage proposal and realizing that i was on the verge of making big decisions...Knowing that marriage to that particular person was not in my deck of cards...
  and the weekends I spent just riding my bike tither and yon.

I wonder what my kids will remember from their summers.

Have a great night,


Brenda said...

Yep, I'm feeling it too. After such a long stretch of over 100 temps and as much as I enjoy summer I am ready.

Ellery, seriously?! lol too!

God bless.

Anonymous said...

They'll have all kinds of memories...including how their mom took the time to take them for ice cream at summer's end.


Flabby McGee said...

I love the way you write! You manage to make me emotional - in a good way. I remembered summers of mine, long ago - when my heart was broken by a boy named Tyson, and that's a memory I had forgotten! I truly enjoy reading your posts, keep up the good work!!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Love, love, love you for this post! This is my absolute favorite summertime 'makes me think' song. I remember how summer romances never turn into the real thing, having my cards and palms read by campfire light in the San Juans,
walking too far down the beach during high tide and walking miles around the island to get back,
being pulled over by cops who just wanted to see what we were up to,
seemingly endless nights stretched out ahead with windows down and heat up,
listening to the same song over and over while driving aimlessly so as to see and be seen,
rollerskating in an empty pool that I wished had water in it,
ugly thick rubber flipflops from Kmart...

Wow, I had no idea what all was in there for this song and idea.

Thanks again, Christine. You Rock!

Sheilagh said...

You touch me on so many levels Christine, wish you were my neighbour.



outdoor.mom said...

i miss summer already!!

Helen said...

It's true how when the sun and light begin to change and the temps drop, one can feel summer slip sliding a way. Maybe that's what causes melancholy? Who knows. At least fall is a pretty good season too!

Losing it in Vegas said...

Great post. It brought back many summer memories for me too...like walking miles in the 120 degree heat in bathing suits trying to get the boys to notice (because sweaty is sexy right?) or watching my son learn to swim...the list goes on and on.

The good thing about summer ending is I can now work out outside without worrying about being more than a couple feet from the pool!

paulawannacracker said...

love your posts... I've been avoiding your "straight and to the point" postings because I've allowed myself to semi-throw in the towel. So glad I came here and caught up with your blog.

I needed some of your "I'm a fighter" and "i'm not giving up" kinda medicine.


Anonymous said...

Love the memories...some of them can be so sweet.

Ellery...heeheehee, cute name...wonder what he's doing now?

It would so sweet if summer could just go on, and on and on...