well...wake me up when september ends...

got a tax bill today...apparently we underpaid in 2008.
by 200 dollars.
btw...in case you all were wondering, I am a conservative.
I am just done, done, done with the cretins in washington.
They aren't conservatives.
They are just politicians.
Heck...the more I think about it, I think I am less a conservative and more a
"get the hell out of my life" person.
My friend and I (who is, I think, a little more liberal than I am) were talking about the government the other day.
And on one side you have people who think they need to legislate morality.
And on the other side you have people who want to pick  your pocket and take your money.
Both of them equal  opportunity offenders.
 I am not sure when we began handing our liberty over to a bunch of bureaucratic dipsh*ts
But I think it's time we stop.
Think about  it...that 200 dollars I am going to send in to the government..
will it go to do anything positive?
or will it simply line the pockets of someone's special interest?
The latter, I believe.
And so..
A little something I do believe.

Good evening america,
The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
This is the last I will speak of this.
Have a great night guys,
Chris out.


downsizers said...

Amen. This latest FEMA thing. Isn't it sad our government has wasted so much money and put us into insurmountable debt that we don't have enough money to help Americans who have experienced disaster and truly need help? Then the ones who want to get America's fiscal house in order and make the tough decisions are portrayed as heartless (they always try to scare the senior citizens over social security) and looking out for the rich - I have never had a poor person give me a job, how about you? Your $200 will go a government that is too big, too wasteful, and too corrupt. American can survive Obama but it cannot survive an electorate that would put someone in office who is so unqualified and inept. The Democrats saw their chance to get either a black man or a woman elected - forget about what was good for the country. It was all politics. I am not saying don't elect a Democrat. I am saying look at the results the candidate has achieved, accomplishments, qualifications. Looks and the ability to give a speech and catch phrases like "hope and change", "yes we can", etc. do not a president make. Oh wait, yes it did.

Angela Pea said...

Yeah. Me too. Every year I contemplate keeping my taxes, moving to a mountain retreat and cutting myself and my family off from the rest of the world.

Losing it in Vegas said...

I was a liberal, then a conservative. Now I think I am an anarchist. The politicians just suck.

Please give me someone to vote for and I will show up at the polls again.

Stupid government.