real hunger vs. emotional hunger

I was thinking on this today..
mostly because I didn't want to think on today.
September 11th.
I was going to write about it...but to this day the main emotion is rage.
impotent rage.
yes, sorry for the people who died...that is the main source of the rage.
The pain and fear they faced as they died.
Yes, amazed at the people on flight 93..
but my whole set up is fight fight fight.
That day nearly made me rejoin the army.
It took my mom to talk me out of it.
So I thought of it...and realized little could be said without a liberal use of profanity.
I don't see lessons to be learned unless it's this....live each day as if it's your last..
because you never know when some scum sucking piece of trash is going to have the urge to take innocent people, and use them and the plane they are on to murder other innocent people.
So to the victims
Rest in peace.
To the families...I will never forget.
moving on.

I was thinking on how to distinguish emotional hunger from real hunger.
And I finally got it.
Emotional hunger never wants a bowl of spinach
So the next time you are tempted to eat at 9 at night say...
"I can have any kind of veggie I want, but no ranch dressing, no cheese on top...just veggies.
And then see if the 'want to' still overwhelms you.
If it does, I say "Eat UP!" lol.
If it don't I say...give it a pass.
Did good today.
Hope you all did as well.
Chris out.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Oh... I love that! What a great way to determine if you're really hungry. Have a great week Christine!


Joy said...

I will never forget!!!

My Mom used to always tell me, "If your hungry, eat veggies"...I used to think she was crazy.....She's super thin...maybe she's not so crazy after all. I better listen to my Mama and eat my veggies....

Keep focused!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Yes, this is great. Still working on choosing the best foods, even though the weight has stayed off. I know there is more that I can do to be my best and healthiest self.

Love that you admit to the rage.
And seem to deal with it as you are able without losing control. Makes people like me realize that even rage can be expressed in a normal way.

carla said...


I always used this with client too with an example of tuna and rice :)

and it, IMO, always works.


Dagny said...

Back in my blogging days I wrote a whole analysis of real vs. emotional hunger. I remember a few of the points...

Emotional hunger comes on you suddenly. Real hunger comes on gradually and quietly.

Real hunger can be set aside for awhile if you're busy, emotional hunger will have a sense of urgency that is distracting.

Real hunger can be satisfied by eating anything. Emotional hunger is usually fixated on a desire for a specific food.

Real hunger can be satisfied by eating. Emotional hunger may not send a satiety signal at all and you'll want to keep eating, even after you're full.

Hanlie said...

Yes! I have been saying the same thing about "food addiction" Do you know anybody who is addicted to apples? Or spinach? No way!

Good post.