Today...When you want to stop.

Hey all,
I have been on a good eating and exercising roll for the last three days.
Great with the calories and great with the exercise.
Today I stepped it up with the lower body...
I did good mornings , squats, and then calf raises..
The step overs, one legged squat type thingies..(you would have to see them?!) and glute bridges...then I did front lunges and side lunges and reverse crunches..
and I walked 2.5 miles.
I didn't want to do that last mile..
But In my mind...I kept saying...there are women out there that can't walk a mile because they are dead..
there are kids out there that don't have  a mom anymore...you are getting in shape so you can learn..and you will be learning so you can teach.
Today is the day I have to get one step closer to my goals.
So no quitting.
So I kept going.
Having a very real why...
Made all the difference to me today.
My legs felt like jello...
But I just dragged my legs around the track.
I will get stronger.
As mohammed ali once said "I don't start counting till it starts hurting'.
Oh, and I saw a very interesting video about carb cycling.
I know alot of people have different eating plans..
some of you are already low carb..
But I found what omar said to be true..
When I was morbidly obese...a lack of carbs didn't make a dent..in fact..
carbs would cause my blood sugar to spike.
Now If I don't eat them..I can get light headed.
So here is an embed...I found it interesting and will look at my intake more closely.

I have gotten two weigh ins..
I know I have been lax.
I know some people are away right now..
But send in your weights!
The weights posted in my inbox so far are pretty good!
Great job!
Talk to you tomorrow,
Chris out.


downsizers said...

Often at the checkout the clerk will ask, "How are you today?" and I will answer, "I'm well, and you?" They usually make some comment about how long it is until they get off work or sometimes about things concerning aches or pains. I usually tell them that there are people laying in the hospital right now and you aren't one of them. We need to be thankful that we can move and do things for ourselves. I know people who sit in a recliner most of the day hoping someone will come and visit. We take our abilities for granted because we haven't lost them. It can happen pretty quickly though. Let's be thankful and get out there and strengthen ourselves for life.

Kelliann said...

Great post - love that video! Very interesting info! Thanks!