weigh In results

We have 50 days left in the challenge...I will be on my face book page every night posting my calorie intake and my exercise totals.
If anyone else wants to do it for accountability...you can do it too...our next weigh in is in one week.
I will really be emailing once or twice a week from now on.
I have been busy, as I know you guys have been too.  This is a busy time of year for me...homeschooling, testing, girl scouts, taxes, and my oldest daughter's graduation..
But I have gotten most of that out of the way.
I hope I didn't offend anyone with my last post.
I know we are all adults...and sometimes the hardest thing can be having our patterns reflected back at us.
My pattern has always been to allow my health to get put on the back burner when life gets stressful.
My pattern has also been to put others goals and dreams to the forefront.
Finding that balance has been very, very hard.
I think I have found it..
I do not think calorie counting is the only way to lose weight.
You could use plates.
You could use richard simmons food mover.
It doesn't matter..as long as whatever you do use works for you in the long run. so, without further ado...
JEN B total lost 7.9 lbs since the beginning of the challenge
Bhargavi has lost 3.3 lbs.
Jo has gained .6 of a lb
Val has has lost 8.5 lbs since the beginning of this challenge
Sandra has lost 3.1 lbs since the beginning of this challenge
Julie H. has lost 8 lbs since the beginning of this challenge
Kathy M. has lost 5.8 lbs since the beginning of this challenge.
Tammy:13.4 lbs lost since the beginning of the challenge!

Now, I have two gals who are a part of the challenge, but I don't have either starting weights...or you go by a different email name than your blog name...email me with corrections if you can...lol.
Have a great day guys..
I will update tonight on food and cals on my facebook page...which y ou can find at the right.

Chris out.


Tammy said...

Dude! I'm still in the challenge! Tammy...remember me? lol I was 251.4 at the start and I'm 238 now. Did you not get my #'s? :)

Christine said...

No I didn't. lol...I'll get those numbers up. I didn't kick you out I swear! lololol. too funny. get that up tonight.

Tammy said...

Thank you :) lol

Val N. said...

Not offended by the last post over here! I totally fall into category 1 myself.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I must be one of the two becaue I use 2 email addys.
171.1 My beginning weight was 192.7. Weight Wednesday was 171.1

Joy said...

Wow you guys are doing great. Keep it up!!

Stay focused!!

Unknown said...

Wow - 50 days in and all I've lost is 3.1lbs... that's sad.
I've got to pick it up for the remaining 50 days....

Congrats to everyone that's losin it :)

ChristinaF93 said...

I think I might be one of the ones you lost. I totally forgot to weigh in though as the last two weeks have been crazy between Girl Scouts and friends visiting from England. sorry!!

Christine said...

lol@ Christine...that's okay...those who still want to be in can...just email your current weight. I knkow what you mean about the crazies...