transformative goals breed momentum...

"The martial arts are ultimately self knowledge. A punch or a kick is not to knock the hell out of the guy in front, but to knock the hell out of your own ego, your fear, or your hangups."
Bruce Lee

I found this quote and it resonated with me on a deep level.
I thought I still carried anger about my childhood.
I thought I still wanted to kick the crap out of my stepfather.
after all...
Anger beats depression.
But you know what beats anger.
Action and commitment.

I don't want to knock the hell out of him anymore.
He's an old man.
I want to knock out the insecurity of being vulnerable and unable to defend myself and my mother.
I want to teach young ladies how to love themselves enough to set goals and boundaries....
How to fully inhabit their bodies, and to own them..and to treat them with dignity and respect.

I want to be a person willing to put myself in tough situations.
I want to believe in something enough to lay down my life for it...
I have seen people like that.
So have you...
because when it comes down to it...
we are all going to die.
What do we leave behind?
I believe it's something God would want me to do...to help people help themselves.
When you have a goal..or something you are aiming for...
The goal itself becomes transformative..
If it's big enough.
If it means enough.
Like having children.
or getting married.
Finding a life's work should be a transformative experience.
Something that makes you become a better person.
God gave me my life....my experiences and everything they mean..and all that encompasses.
For a reason.
I believe a life's work, purpose or goal is to face all of your former demons and overcome them..
so that you can help others overcome theirs.
I have been exercising..
I have been organizing.
I have been simplifying.
Tomorrow I start doing drills for speed and strength.
Things are really begin to gel in my mind.
It's exciting.
Hope all is well with you guys.
Chris out.


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

This is cool. An exciting new chapter for you. Looking forward to what this all means and how it will manifest itself.

Robin said...

I see that our talk is really beginning to take shape into a plan. I like it. You are indeed a Force with which to be reckoned. A Force for good. The world needs more of those....

Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

Thanks for the comments Chris. Seems we were both checking out each-other's blogs at the same time! LOL. I am astounded at your strength, stamina, rock-solid determination. Completely inspired. So you can count (at the very least) one girl who you've helped :) I'm never ever ever gonna give up, and one big reason is because you are an amazing example of what happens if you don't. Thanks for being there for me, for us all, everyone reading your blog. Thank you.

Joy said...

Momentum is building!!! AWESOME!! Keep up the great work!

Stay focused!!

bbubblyb said...

So glad you're on a mission :) I think you will help tons of women as you already have here with your words :)