Tomorrow is weigh in...wow! Question 4 answer!

Tomorrow is weigh in! Wow, time goes so fast..
I have no idea how many people are still following or doing this.
I have been very remiss in this the last two weeks.
But I am back now..
My response to my question!
This was one of the first ways I figured out something was very very wrong.
I was at my oldest daughter's karate class..
and I noticed how passionate the teacher was about what he was doing.
And at first I was really annoyed.
(That should have been a prime intel indicator right there that I wasn't happy in my own life...when you are unhappy...happy people irritate the crap out of you.)
I was thinking...
Why is he soooo fricking happy?
Then I realized one day, it was because he loved what he was doing.
It wasn't a chore to him...or just a job.
It was his passion.
Then I looked inside and realized that I felt passionate about NOTHING.
That set me to asking all the question I have been asking myself here.
And if  you answered that question with a big fat nothing.
I would now like you to go back to the other answers you gave and find out how much life  you are living that is yours.
My whole life had been divied up to others.
Everyone else knew what they needed and wanted...
so I thought "Well, I will just make their wants, needs and dreams come true."
And I stopped having my own.
Having your own means taking time for  you.
It means trying and maybe failing...
It means you have to feel..and not numb out.
sometimes we are so buried we don't even know we are buried.
We think numbed out and feeling nothing is the way it's supposed to be..
and when we do try to feel...the pain of our surroundings and the choices we have made can drive us BACK into our shells.
Instead...you have to make a decision.
To really live, you have to decide to find something you love.
It doesn't matter if it's just listening to music..or reading a book.
Once a day make some time for that.
It's part of making sure you are living a life...not a life sentence.
Weigh in is tomorrow.
Mine will suck.
But so be it...back on the krab and down the scale.
My last two days have been on track and banging.
Great exercise...great food intake!
Have a great night guys!
Chris out.


Tammy said...

I'm confused...I thought we weighed every 2 weeks on a Wednesday. I sent my weight of 240 this past Wed...but this morning I was 238. :)

Christine said...

hey even better...you probably do weigh every two weeks on wednesday lol. but I haven't been paying attention! lol! too funny. I will just take whatever weights have come in over the last three days and run with it. It has been crazy busy here. I will send out the next question tomorrow. I swear..it will get pulled together on my end.

downsizers said...

It's easy to overlook our blessings isn't it? We become so used to them we take them for granted. I hit a little slump yesterday as well and this morning rather than just chucking it for another day I am going to do it right whether I feel like it or not.

Putz said...

i always wanted a passionate love life and i really can't tell you why

Joy said...

Moms just want to do everything for everybody. Not a bad thing, it just can leave you tired and spent! Putting yourself first, will help you so you can do for others. I'm still working on this!! I need to remind myself of this daily! If I don't take care of myself, that's when I am very unhappy with my life!

Keep focused!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...