vision quest...

I asked my participants...
What do you want to look like/feel like when you hit goal weight?
What will it mean if You don't...
What will it mean if you do....
make a vision board so you can have a representation of your goals and dreams.

What does it mean to me...
I think I have said that I want to teach young girl's self esteem and how to defend themselves...
These are the people I am going to learn from:

These are the people I went to when I fainted from fear of dealing with men...
I asked, "Am I a pit viper, or am I a fainting goat?"
I am a pit viper.

I will have the money for lessons on August 1rst.

and my ideal body?

When I said I want to hit 135...I don't want to hit 135 lbs of tits and ass...I want to be 135 pounds of pain coming for you, wrapped in skin.  I want to get up in front of young ladies...look feminine and strong and show them how they can be a woman and still capable of defending themselves.
That is my vision.
That is my goal.
If you say maybe....sit down.
There is no maybe.
I will.
Weigh in tomorrow.
I have lost 1 pound since my screw around.
My next weigh in will be epic.
Chris out.


Retta said...

"That is my vision.
That is my goal.
If you say maybe....sit down.
There is no maybe.
I will."

Love your goal! And I totally believe you will. It's as good as done.

Now I need to go re-write my goals with some GUMPTION!!


Joy said...

Yep....You will get there!!! Keep going and stay focused!! You've got this!

Jeanette said...

I like that your ideal body type is so STRONG. It is something I am aiming for as well, not just being lean and feminine, but looking like someone to be reckoned with!


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Strong is the new sexy. And how awesome that is!!!
A perfect goal for you and you will attain it.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

By the way, I want my dancers body back- long, lean and deceptively strong. Currently, I retain the deceptively strong part, but lack the long and lean. :)
I have been amazed at how forgiving my body has been for how much I abused it. And reading stuff like yours lets me know I CAN have it back in great form.

Member of the Justice League said...

My long term goal is the same. I decided that since I'm 36 and I've given birth to 7 children, my body is probably not going to be supple and smooth. I'm okay with that. I want the hard body.

I'm going to be 155 lbs. of strong. I'm 6'1" tall. I'm going to look like Dara Torres, Olympic swimming gold medalist.


Trece said...

"I want to be 135 pounds of pain coming for you, wrapped in skin". This made me just catch my breath. YES!!!

Susy said...

LOVE IT! You go wit cho bad self gurl! ;)