Cashier Chronicles: Because I must

So any of my long term blog followers know that I went out and got a job...A job as a cashier.

IN the process...I have learned there are truly good people..

and there are some real assholes.
And to ensure I don't pop a blood vessel...I write..
I write because I must.

I had one big asshole right out the gate tonight
This woman runs her ebt card.

it's declined.
It has 8.50 cents on it.
I say, "ma'am, your balance is 8.50 cents."
She says, "Fine, just run it for 10."

Me-"Your balance is 8.50 cents."

Her- "Just run it on cash for 10'.
I hit debit.
It's declined again.
She says, "I said run it on cash."
I say "ma'am, I can't run it on anything but debit and credit, food and cash is on your side."
She says, "You should have told me."

She had to hit the food button twice to get her first piss poor result.
The cash button is right underneath it.
I can't help you...if you can't help yourself.

you ma'am...are the asshole.

Then I have a man I have nicknamed stucky (because he hits on women who can't hit back) come through my line.
he comes through my line every.single.night.
HE is short...and obnoxious.
He began coming through my line about a month ago...
and he would say demeaning things...
Things like, "Well, at least you are minimally educated.'

And then he began  trying to flirt.
HE is annoying.
and tonight he came through and paid in pennies.
I am glad that I have cultivated patience over the last six months..
throat punching an angry, dwarf like man would probably get me fired.

Food and exercise.
Both were good today...
I ate 1630 calories...
consisting of
1 cliff bar 250
3 eggs 1 toast 300
kung pao chicken panda powl 600 calories
1 dark cherry kind bar 180
2 bell peppers 1 carrot and 1/4 cup of low fat french onion dip.  200 calories
2 cups of coffee with half and half...(less than 1/4 cup) 100 cals.
(I round up with this to be safe.)

2 mile walk and 100 sit ups
36 chest presses with 2 (25 lbs) dumbells .....free weights.
so 50 pounds 36 times.

and stretching.
Tomorrow it's back on the elliptical.
mentally, I have to remind myself that today is over.
It doesn't earn me anything tomorrow.
Tomorrow is whole and complete unto itself.
I will fail or succeed tomorrow...
I succeeded today...
and that success is over once my head hits the pillow.
Have a great night guys.
With love,


Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Next you're gonna tell me you can't take my home-made coupons. I'M GONNA COMPLAIN TO THE MANAGER!

Robin said...

Working with the general public will always be patience-trying. Retail is bad. I think waitressing is worse. Some people are really good at allowing stuff to roll of their backs and others not so much. I count myself in the latter category, which is why I have avoided this sort of work since college. However, I think we are where we need to be so that we can learn what there is to learn.

That learning can be about stretching our patience. Dealing with jerks. Or propelling us forward to something we would enjoy more. Since you have yet to clock anyone... I think you can call it a Win.

Christine said...

I don't think there is anyone who likes dealing with entitled jerks...some people just internalize it...But I would say most people who work daily with the public end up having a fairly low opinion of them on the whole. There is something about people in groups...

LuckyMama said...

If I were in line behind a customer who made such an asinine comment about education, I *know* that I would butt in and tell the man that he was being a total dick.

Flirting - ga-ross!!

Yannow - it's possible that he may have more education than you, but I'd bet doughnuts to dollars that you have infinitely more class.

Christine said...

My friend and I call him 'minimally mannered'. LOL. Education is not something that can be purchased....I have learned that via home schooling. It reminds me of that scene in Good Will Hunting, where Matt Damon learned what Mr. Harvard learned for 1.75 in late fees. People constantly mistake a degree for an educated mind...or a job for a person.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Ugh, I have forgotten how awful the general public can be. And the low-lifes? Don't get me started!
Hopefully when you move on to bigger and better things- which I know you will in no time at all- that gross guy will miss you and how you actually treated him like a human, which it doesn't sound like he really deserves but you are better than that and you're being paid to put up with his crud. So yeah.... ugh!