Cashier Chronicles:The 'no bully' zone

Well, back to the store again..
Tonight was good...for the most part.
I like helping people find things they need...
That's the fun part..
The not so fun part...angry and aggressive people who think I'll be intimidated by angry and or aggressive behavior.
So, I am checking this woman out...
She has six cups she's purchased.
or is trying to purchase...I work at a dollar store people...
and she says...are they 59 cents?
I say "No ma'am, they are ringing up at a dollar."
She says, "The sign back there says they are 59 cents"
I say, "Well ma'am, they are ringing up one dollar."
She says "Do you want me to get you the sign?"

(everyone freeze....do I want her to get me the sign...no.
Why in the hell would I want her to get me the sign?  What does that prove?  That she has a sign that says 59 cents...we have more than one type of coke glass...she is all aggressive...and the way she said it was..Do you WANT me to GET YOU the SIGN?!!!! back to regularly scheduled programming.)

All this time I was simply staring at her..maybe five seconds.  I say, "ma'am, I don't want you to get me the sign..even if the sign says they are 59 cents...I can't change the price. "
She says..."I can go GET the sign."
I say (Now lol...this was probably rude)" I have no way of changing the price...the reason it's priced 1 dollar is because at some point, a manager, using a pricing gun..pointed it at the bottom of one of those cups and typed in one dollar. I don't have the power to change that. But if you would like me to take it off your ticket I can...I will void out your order and start over, then you can wait for my manager to be done cashing out the other cashier...and you can ask her."
"Is that what you would like to do?"
She just nodded.
I don't know if she goes through life expecting her little fits to get her things...but she ran into me...not going to happen.
My boss walks her over and explains that it was the little coke glasses are the ones that are 59 cents.  I have no doubt that was very apparent and she thought she could bully a cashier into accepting the price by being obnoxious.
yeah. not happening.
She told the manager I was mean. Lololololol.
and then I am attempting to put things  away and mr. smooth ( some black dude who was trying to be smooth.) said and I quote "hey little mama, come here..come here."
I am obligated to help a customer.
So I say "Can I help you find something?"
He says..."Yeah, maybe..say...your pretty..."
NOw, I can remember when this would have made me anxious.
NOw I am just irritated.
I stand there looking at him.
He says.
"who broke your heart."
I say
"I am married."
he says "Oh..."
"well then.."
(I feel no need to fill in the silence)
I say, "do you need some help?"
He says..."no, no thank you ...I got it."

I didn't work out today...Worst day of tom..cramps and irritable.
my calories came in at 1520..
food dead on.
Good day other than that..
and me and my boss had a great time tonight swapping stories.
so it's all good.
hope all was good with you as well.
with love,
Chris out.


Anna Down Under said...

LMAO should have let her go get the sign and then still said doesn't matter, $1 please. Lol You handled it well. Both customers.

Robin said...

Oh Chris. You are learning patience from this job. I have no idea when.where you will need it, but you will be ready when the day comes.

E. Jane said...

Difficult people can be everywhere, and it's good to know how to stand our ground with grace, and you did just that!!

Retta said...

Still laughing about Mr Smooth...

Sean Anderson said...

This was a pleasure to read. An absolute pleasure. Love your attitude and style. Mr. Smooth-- "I feel no need to fill in the silence," L.O.V.E. that line.
Great post. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed that...you have a way of bringing us right into your world. And you are truly an inspiration!

Norma said...
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Sean Anderson said...

How ya doing? I don't know how you deal with some of the people you deal with--You're a very strong person. I like how you process it all--and how you have an innate ability to go below the surface and zero in on what's really going on.
You're a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing!

Shae said...

Loved reading this! I worked in retail for many years and I know how hard it would have been for me to not lose it with that customer. Kudos to you for keeping it together!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Believe it or not, I have always wondered what it's like for the people who work at the dollar store! There's one cashier at a dollar store down south of Seattle that refers to herself as being ghetto-fabulous and I just love her. She uses dollar store products to create her own unique fashion statements. And she has to put up with serving people who have gang tattoos all over them or more gold in their teeth than in their jewelry! She makes the best of the situation and gives the whole experience a fun twist!