eliminating and overcoming obstacles

I ran two days where I went long at work...
I had to grocery shop yesterday...the two days prior were good tests for my schedule/eating issues..
I have a few.
Number 1..
making sure I Have groceries is imperative.
making time to shop
not so easy.
But I went yesterday...
Today was the first day in three days I got to the gym..
The prior two days (I worked two doubles..)
Were also good days to ensure that I get my workout done by 8 in the morning...in case.
In case I work a double..
having food that is in my car and healthy and readily available is imperative.
Having ready made food in my fridge to take with me...imperative.
otherwise at 8 at night you end up blowing everything by eating two slices of cold pizza..
maybe calorically or maybe not..
but certainly not how or what I want to eat.
Today I had the day off...
So, it was easy to eat correctly, and exercise.
I ate three eggs and a piece of toast.
one cliff bar
one banana
and four homemade crispy tacos with lettuce and tomato and cheese
I am sitting at 1550 for the day.
I burned 500 calories by doing 50 minutes on the elliptical..
and then when I got home..
I stripped and waxed my car.
Which took hours.
I'll take a pic tomorrow..
looks pretty.
and here's a little inspiration for you...after watching this guy...it really puts your excuses in perspective.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Awesome job... and awesome vid (double awesome? damn you for raising the bar for the rest of us?)

Robin said...

Success is in the preparation. I think there is a lesson in there for everyone!

Sean Anderson said...

Beautiful post for so many reasons.
Thank you.
Loved the video too. Very true...Certainly adjusts the perspective.
On the food traveling question--I cut up fresh fruit in little zip loc baggies and they live in my man bag until I'm ready...I make sure they're sealed well (one time a melon ball got loose and wreaked all kinds of havoc in there) I'll also pack breakfast and lunch... I use the fridge at work. Do you have access to a fridge where you work?
Christine--so happy for what you're doing and where you're headed.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Oh yes, it's so darn often all about the preparation. When I fail to prepare is really the only time I get in real danger of having a huge binge. Here's a funny for you- last Friday night I was at an 80th birthday party where we had been promised a really great sit down dinner. When things ran late, I was ready to eat the table. I brought a smaller purse that did not contain my usual emergency almonds. Another woman across from me started telling me how hungry she was too. (She also has known food issues.) We both chowed down when the food finally came and both agreed that we were so happy when they took our plates away so we couldn't jump up and grab seconds from the buffet as we were so tempted to do. Saved by a good, prompt waitstaff!
Oh, and I loved the video you posted too. Something I've never really considered- someone with that much challenge who still manages to work out. Amazing!
Keep at it. You are inspiring as always!