Cashier chronicles: The victory edition

Hey guys, I am so sorry I haven't written...I've been jumping out my ass.
so when last I wrote...I was all..I gotta write every day..
and then things got crazy at work...long hours.
and Then I wanted to spend time with soph...and writing letters and working out and all that..
I just don't have time to blog.
Not like I used to..

But here is the big news...
8 months ago, I was really devastated.
My marriage wasn't where I thought it was...
I was told that because someone else made the money... I needed to keep the house to his standard.
I didn't have any job or ability (I thought) to get one..
so I went door to door till I found one.
The dollar tree.
I told the manager Mary that even though all I had on my application was dog sitter..
I would be the best employee she ever had...
and she hired me.
The plan...work there till I could get a teller position at a bank.

So for 8 months I have slopped at the cashier trough.
I have busted my ass...gotten to know myself as a person who works and is respected at work.
I have never called in, never been late...never been written up..
I have done extra duty...stayed overtime..
spoke ill of no one and helped everyone.

I have earned minimum wage...
We are not morons who just push a button...
we do a lot..
and I have gotten to know a lot of very good people who get paid very shitty wages.
And yesterday,
my boss approached me
and asked me..
'Have you ever thought about being a manager?"
and I said.
and there is that moment where you don't know what to do with your hands.
put them on your hips...
keep them out of your pockets. (definitely)
cross them in front of you? (I chose this)
It's the Sean Anderson dilemma of what to do with your hands when your picture is being taken.
She said..
let's see if you can merchandise..
and she gave me a table.
and told me to take anything from anywhere and make it look good.
It's what i have done as a mother and an artist for years..the same ability that was not appreciated, is what has gotten me noticed!
And she came back two hours later..
and I had my fourth of july table together.
She said "That looks fantastic'.
I just have to show up early...leave later..
and eventually..
(I think this is going to involve the departure of one of our managers)
I will be training to be a night manager.
It's been 8 months.
I feel great guys.
I walked two miles per day the last two days..
my calories are sitting at 1460 for today..
1700 yesterday.
But yesterday was a huge personal victory.

And coming home...
and telling my husband that my manager wanted to make me a manager.
let's just say it was a good moment.
keep on keeping on people.
with Love,
Chris out.


bbubblyb said...

I'm crying tears of happy for you right now Chris, you are wonderful and someone out in the world noticed how great and they see that beautiful power and passion in you that we've seen for years :) sending you a big big hug and even a bigger congrats!

jo said...

WOO, Chris! That is absolutely awesome!!!!!

Robin said...

It is one thing to Know In Your Heart that you have self worth. You are good at certain things (some of them you know and some you will discover). It all starts right there. But when someone in a position of authority sees Those Same Things in you and validates that they are gifts... What a great moment. I am beyond happy for you.

I know it sounds cheesy.... But, you've come a long way, baby!

Anonymous said...

As I read this a number of things occurred to me--including, you ca't keep a good woman down. :)

But the most important thought was my realization that Sophie has had her little life turned upside down.

Last year she was home-schooled by a stay at home mom and had a big sister living in the house. Her whole life, she had a SAHM and a sister at home.

This year, she has a working mom, goes to school, and big sister is living somewhere else. Wow. That's a lot for a little girl.

How's she doing with all of that change?


Sean Anderson said...

I'm beyond thrilled for you. WOW. I feel like, any job, any situation--you have--not only the skills to do it--but you have valuable things many don't these days: Work ethic, high personal standards, integrity, very high intelligence, a keen sense of fairness in an often unfair environment, an impeccable sense of personal responsibility and I could go on and on Christine--You're "good people," and it comes through beautifully.
The blogging schedule can be tough everyday and with your schedule and commitments, you're doing what you can, when you can--and clearly, you're in a powerful mindset--your calories are awesome and seriously, as physical as your job is--that combined with your workouts--the physically moving part isn't even a concern for you--you do way more than I do, I'll tell you that!
What you're doing is so wonderful, right and good. So when and if you have a negative thought about your writing schedule--dismiss it, re-frame it--because here's the difference: You're doing the work. When I've taken long absences from the blogging world it was 60% of the time because I was spending a lot of time doing everything contrary to what's best for me. Okay--maybe I should bump that number up to 80%... ;)
I'm so happy for you and proud. You're the epitome of strong and determined. It's powerful, Christine. You inspire me and I thank you for that, sincerely.
Oh--and the hands thing---uh... I still haven't figured out what to do with them. Good luck on that. :)

E. Jane said...

Congrats, Chris! I always knew that if you took a job, you would rock it, because you give things your all and you're so good as so many things. I bet your family is proud of you too, including Sophie. She is at an age where she can handle it. I remember when I went to work, my kids were very proud of me, and they became more capable themselves, which is so good for self-esteem. Great move!!

Retta said...

How terrific that your manager has recognized your potential... congrats!!

And an observation you have probably already thought of, but that popped up for me when I read this:

It is SO hard for most people who have known us for a long time to "see" us differently than what they have stuck in their heads.

I have a relative who used to be a mess (medical term there). It took years, but they finally crawled out of it and is doing so much better. But... the rest of the family can't "see" them any differently. They get treated as the same fragile, unstable and needy person they used to be. It's very frustrating for them that their growth is not acknowledged, respected and even celebrated.

So... I can totally see why your husband would seem a little surprised that someone else sees things in you he doesn't see...yet. Your strength, intelligence, hard work, dependability and artistic skills, etc etc. Give him time. :-)

I think it's awesome you are getting that respect in the work place... you earned it.

Sean Anderson said...

Retta-- Your comment--"It is SO hard for most people who have known us for a long time to "see" us differently than what they have stuck in their heads." OMGoodness. That...so true.
Christine, as the others have said--The boss acknowledging your skill set and talents--and giving you the respect you deserve--is such a fantastic thing to read.

Great post.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

The cream rises to the top (dammit... I asked my wife to buy skim milk!). Anyway, congrats on the fantastic accomplishment!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Congratulations and (((hugs))) to you Chris!

Anna Down Under said...

Wow, that's great news! Feels good to be appreciated, doesn't it? Congratulations.

Christine said...

@ Deb, She is doing very well...for two or three years she has been wanting to go to school...so when I finally said yes...she just went full tilt. She is in one of the most difficult schools in colorado...a charter..she has straight A's, loads of friends and is in track and choir. She adjusted really well. I focus on spending my time with her and make one day a week a special day for just us to go out and sit at starbucks and drink something and talk. I drive her in the mornings and tim picks her up...here is a little picture of her end of year accomplishments. She adjusted amazingly well. https://www.facebook.com/cmoursler/posts/812632355431487

Christine said...

@REtta, and that would be true, if I had been a mess...but I wasnt...I was the same me these last four years as I have been in this last year...but i wasn't recieving a paycheck..apparently the paycheck makes the difference...not to me, but to him. I know the true worth of my work..and that was my children. Now I just need a good job.

Christine said...

@ Deb-http://apps.washingtonpost.com/local/highschoolchallenge/schools/2014/list/national/james-irwin-charter-colorado-springs-co/

here is her school

Linda Pressman said...

Congratulations, Chris! Your employees will be lucky to work under a manager who has been in their shoes. But I want to point out two things: you didn't show up with experience only as a dog walker. Weren't you in the military, with all the skills involved in your position? Also, home schooling belongs on a resume. You will be a great manager but, fyi, you could get a teller job easily - go apply!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Congratulations! I think that's just awesome. I tell my kids all the time, the harder the work, the lower the pay...tip well and don't be an ass to people working for a living.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Oh, I am late to the party- dang! And just when I was thinking 'hmmm, I hope Christine is doing OK. Maybe I should take her up on checking in on her if she doesn't blog.'
But somehow I knew that it was for a good reason, not a bad one.
Now, I also second Linda's comment from above. I've never doubted that you could get a job and many times your experience just needs to be framed properly. Being paid or not for something doesn't limit your ability to do it.
Rock on, girl! You are destined for greatness in whatever you choose.

Christine said...

@linda...yes...but I got out of the military in 1994...lol..twenty years is a loooong stretch...and my skill was truck driver, with a cdl that had long since expired. Not big with current employers. lol. Now I do have something..and or will have something. Hopefully in one years time...manager...to place on a resume...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chris. I've just arrived home after a 12 hour drive w/ husband and son, so I'm wasted--but I wanted you to know that I read your reply to my comment and clicked on the link to Sophie.

! :D !

She's just adorable and I'm so glad that these changes were right on time for her. Just how cool is that?!

God is good.