First day and focus

Hey all, for the first few days I am going to be blogging quite a bit.  I am taking this idea from King Al Klein...who lost bunches a very difficult way, but blogging was a way he could get through his day focused.
So my plan today...eat clean..
breakfast is egg whites green and red bell pepper and 1 oz mozzerella cheese and coffee with cream and splenda...
250 calories.
I am going to the gym this afternoon.
Hope you guys have a great day.
And Al, if you read this, where'd you go?
Chris out.


Anonymous said...

I've wondered about Allan, too. I hope he's okay. Deb

E. Jane said...

Where the HECK is Allan? Hope he's still eating watermelon and shrimp! He's one of a kind, and can't be replaced.

I am in the same mode you are Chris--tired of "mucking around" in the food! Things are going to change, now that I've had the surgery I have been avoiding. My blog will reflect the changes! You go girl!

Ali said...

What blog is King Al Klein's?