Just DO It...

Well Folks,
I have been mucking about for about a year...content to float along above normal...
I was happy where i was...It was all good.
I am ready to get to the end of the weight loss portion of this journey.
I will weigh in on May 18th, 2012...
Three years to the day I started this journey.
Whatever weight I am at that time I will maintain.
I will have my friend take a picture..
The same friend who was with my when I first stepped on the scale.
There will be visual proof.
I weigh around 156-158...so weighing in isn't necessary.
I will weigh at the end.
The proof is in the numbers...
I'll post my calorie intake and my exercise burn.

I will be blogging daily like I did when I started.
Whatever is in my head will be on my blog.
It may be good, bad or indifferent...
But all my thoughts and frustrations and whatever will be there for the world to see.
So be warned, all ye recent readers....I can use foul language...
and when I go full bore I am hard core.
I am starting tomorrow.
If anyone else wants to jump in to get to goal, then we can be accountable to each other.
Jo, I know you aren't far....
It would be awesome if we finished together.
So...Here we go..


Retta said...

Just made some fun stuff on Zazzle, for their Black Friday sale. One was an apron with one of my prints on the bib, and the text I added to it was from Shakespeare:

Boldness... Be my friend.

Sounds like you are in that same mindset, too. Go, Chris, go!!

Anonymous said...

I will celebrate my 3 year anniversary of reaching goal weight in December. This moment in time I'm 25 lbs heavier. Hate it! Hate it! Hate it! I'm with you!

(I made a similar post with the same title a few days ago.)

Helen said...

I watched the Biggest Loser special last night and noticed that most of the contestants are around 15-20 lbs. heavier than their final weigh-in. But they are maintaining that weight! I think it's really good to have an end point no matter what the scale might say. I know you will do your best over the next months and Que Sera, Sera!

Unknown said...

I have 1 pound to go to reach "my goal".... a bit heavier then my ideal weight, but I know it is a weight I can maintain.

When I reach that "goal" soon I hope, I will start on targeting certain areas of my body that still bug me, and to keep up on maintaining, maintaining and maintaining. I really don't want to gain any of that weight back.

Good luck and I am right there (almost) with you.

E. Jane said...

You've made your plan, and it sounds like a very good one! This weight loss game is a tough one and takes endurance. I know you will give it your all, the strong lady that you are. I'm going be following along with you, while working on myself!

Jo said...

Hey Chris! I think I will join you. I looked back and found that I wrote my first blog post on April 7, 2010. Two years is long enough to get any amount of weight off. As of today's weight, I have 8 lbs to get to my "goal" weight. And that goal may not be what my body can maintain. So I will join you. I will weigh in on April 7th. I consider myself a maintainer now, but haven't perfected it by any means. Thanks for the idea!

Hanlie said...

I think it's good that you took a year off from weight loss. It gave you the opportunity to wrap your head around maintenance. Now you're ready for the final haul and I know you'll ace it! Good luck!

Maria Bloodwell said...

Thanks guys...

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I'm jumping on this bandwagon with y'all. Too good of an opportunity not to. :)
I have maintained at 5-10 lbs. over my 'goal' of being a totally normal BMI for my age/height for almost a year now. I feel great and all my other number are fabulous. I've been thinking that other than some other firming up, it's time to let go of the number on the scale. I've been amazed at how forgiving my body has been and the continued shrinkage and toning. So it's time to be more forgiving of myself.
I'm with you, totally. I'm gonna give this one more big old push and then it's maintenance world for me with no more guilt.
Way to go, Chris. What an awesome idea. I do so well with a real finish line in focus and really I'm ready to get on with my life, along with my husband as he goes through his surgical rework.
Have I ever told you how much your blog rocks?!

Bruce said...

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Julie said...

I'm in for the journey. It will be longer than May for me, but I'm in.

Ali said...

I am going to join you too, Chris. I have been messing around for far too long at this weight too. I want to lose 20 more pounds. I could be there now, but haven't been too serious since about July.

Not quite sure what I am going to do just yet, but there WILL be a plan!

Who is this fella you mentioned in another post? The one who inspired you to get serious? Not familiar with his blog.