On the occasion of my 18th wedding anniversary...

18 years.holy crow.
 Honestly, with my background I never thought I would be married 'forever'...It's a hard notion to contemplate when YOu watch multiple divorces.
 So, It was nice today to celebrate my 18th wedding anniversary...only one year less than the age I married...at 19.
When I got married I had people come out of the wood work to tell me not to.
That I didn't understand what marriage was...or how much work it would take.
No, I didn't.
Nobody does.
Regardless of age, Nobody is truly prepared for marriage.
I did get lucky by stumbling in to the ONE person who had a similar goal.
And that goal was to NEVER.GET.DIVORCED.
Not unless he beat me and or cheated.
I think his was if I would have cheated, ....Neither of us was going to...and we both came from homes with no real father figure.
We both wanted a family that stayed together.
So while we are different in many ways...we have learned that our differences compensate for our mutual strengths and weaknesses.
We have seen each other at our best and worst and not only do we still love each other...we love each other in a deeper fashion than just a romantic love.
We are friends now.You can't beat that.
We decided to spend today together as a family at the zoo.It was beautiful...I am off to finish my front flower garden and clean the rest of my house.
I'll be uploading a picture of me and my husband at the zoo on facebook....I will leave a link and leave it open so you All CAN SEE...EVEN MR. PUTZ WHO HASNOFACEBOOK. lol.
Have a great night guys.
Have a great night.
Chris out


Princess Dieter said...

Congratulations! It's lovely to find the right fit with another. Enjoy your milestone.

I'll be married 28 years come June 11. He's still THE ONE. He is my best friend. I'd rather spend time with him than anyone in the world. I want to die with him. Same time. No separation.

And He makes me hyperventilate with lust. He makes me laugh like a crazy woman. He makes me feel warm and adored and safe. Love is da best. :)

And we also went into this sober-mindedly. I told him all my flaws by week two. hahaha. We both were in the "no divorce" camp. Our parents never split, and our siblings never split...so we had a sort of example of working through issues. I also said, "If you ever cheat on me, I will stab you through the heart while you sleep." Um, well, that might have been a tad dramatic, given his monogamous nature...but I did say it. :D And I sleep with a knife on the nighttable (for intruders, not hubby hahahah).

Be well...celebrate...enjoy! May great happiness continue to be yours...and may the friendship just be better and better..always...

Rettakat said...

Love the pic of you two lovebirds in front of the giraffes. :-)

How wonderful that you are best friends. Happy anniversary!

pinkvision said...

Happy 18th anniversary!

definingmore said...

Happy belated 18th anniversary. How wonderful to share the ups and downs in life together.

Val N. said...

Happy anniversary! Love is grand! Ha, my word verification word is bless.

birchgirl said...

My 18th anniversary too. Congrats!

Amber said...

I know ther have been the tough years and questioning if theing would be able to work out but you both have worked hard at making it work. That is the key, both wanting and willing to work to make it work.

Happy for you.
Oh and I forgot how short you are next to hubby.

Kimberley said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love the pics!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Awesome! Happy Anniversary!!
Having a happy marriage is the greatest treasure that money just cannot buy. :) Kudo's to you both!!


Deb Willbefree said...

Congratulations! Lovely post. I'm happy for you.

It sounds like you have found the secret. :)


(Facebook wouldn't let me in.)

NewMe said...

Happy anniversary. My husband and I just celebrated our 19th a few weeks ago.

My husband and I make a great team, though we don't agree on everything. He adores football. There's very little that I hate more than football. But because I love him to bits, I'm making arrangements to get us tickets to a New York Giants game next year as my 20th anniversary gift to him. He's the best!

outdoor.mom said...

happy anniversary!

Linda Pressman said...

Congratulations, Chris! We also celebrated 18 years in February! In my first marriage, 2 1/2 years dragged by, lasting forever, draining my life. This marriage, to the right person, 18 years has flown by. I just wish, like yours, that it was my only one and that instead of being scared and marrying the first guy who wanted me (the ex) I had trusted in and waited to see what was in store for me. Because I'm certain that if I had just waited I could have saved myself a lot of misery and ended up married to THIS guy anyway! Happy Anniversary!

Putz said...

bob brauge just reported on a marriage of a ninety year old to a 89 year old woman and this is the kicker who had her mother a 101 year old as her matron, so christine you have lots of years to go to add to those eighteen years to your hubby, him and him only<>><so anywhoozle, tootel lou

Jenn @ Cooking Aweigh the Pounds said...

Congrats on so many years of marriage! It's encouraging to hear double digit anniversaries. My husband and I are working on our 12th year together even though we were married young. As you said, it hasn't always been blissful, but we both have always with all of our hearts wanted it to work. And so it has. :)

What a fun family day you all had together. You look fantastic! So youthful and fit!

Helen said...

Congratulations Chris and hubby! May you have many more years of wedded bliss... or just being wedded lol!

bbubblyb said...

Well darn it I can't see the picture and I don't have facebook either lol. Glad you had a good day with the family.