Are you ready?

I read something on facebook today..
about how hard it is to lose weight.
How hard it is to keep it off.
How this percent of people and that percent of people.
They said a small percent of people take the weight off and keep it off.
You know why?
Because you have to want it.
Not kind of want it...
You have to want it more...
Want it more than you want a chicken nugget.
Want it more than you want ice cream.
Want it more than you want to sit on the couch wasting your life watching other people live theirs on the idiot box.

Want it more than the discomfort you feel when exercising.
Want it more than the ease of the familiar.
Want it more than you want to make excuses about why you can't.
Want it more than you want that reason why they left.
Want it more than thwarting other's expectations.
Want it more than you want your own lowered expectations.
Because when you want it more than all these things, you will succeed....
There is nothing better than living up to your full potential.

So you have to ask yourself:
Are you ready?

No more excuses.
Chris out.


Trece said...

YES!! YES!! I just KNEW I'd find a reminder here of what I've been telling myself. I have to want it THAT bad, and it will NEVER be "over". But, oh - I just KNOW it will be worth it!! Thanks!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

You really do know how to inspire. AND this is the time of year when we can all use it.
Funny, I tried to explain how you just have to want it more than anything to someone and she just didn't get it. Don't know if she ever reads blogs. Maybe I'll send her your way...

Rettakat said...

I'm sitting here talking to my computer as I read this, saying Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes to that, too!

You're talking my language. I had to quit reading some conversations on Facebook recently... too negative, whiny and excuse laden. I can't take the chance it might rub off on me, LOL! So, let 'er rip. This is Truth.

Hanlie said...

It's all about priorities!

Kelliann said...


Anne H said...

I wonder if I want anything that bad... but then I sure as heck fire don't want to go back! THAT much I do know!

Robin said...

I do think that it is a brain game. And until people figure that out they will be on the yo-yo with their weight. Just like everything else in life. Until they figure it out is a brain game they are on the yo-yo.