Lean cuisine....sucks.

Hey all.
I was talking to my mom today and somehow we got on the subject of weight loss.
And I started talking about how I was glad I did..
How weighing less feels better (obviously)
and I look younger...and all that.
well anyways..I started to rant about previous failed attempts.
You know..
the starve and binge.
The lo carb debacle.
You name it.
But by far, my biggest pet peeve is lean cuisine meals.
They suck.
The portions are miniscule.
They contain additives and they just don't fill you up.
I will be standing in the frozen foods section watching an obese lady loading up on these monstrosities and the low fat cookies with incredible amounts of sugar and just be twitching.

You can take your hand and cover that plate...
who would that fill up?
Not me.
It is 250 calories...and has 26 percent of your daily sodium and 9 grams of fat.
nasty...and it is 8 ounces altogether..
basically a cup of food.

Calories there...maybe one hundred.
Add a 6 ounce chicken breast and you have a grand total of 300 calories. 
And do you think that would fill you up? 
Add some balsamic vinagrette to that puppy and you have one heckuva meal if not two.

You have a 300 pound woman who was eating around 3000 calories a day.
She goes from that to 1200 calores.
She is eating these crappy lean cuisine meals.
Then throw in a diet cookie or two and spike your blood sugar and BAM.
cravings, hunger and despair.
INstead of say going to 1800 and taking a walk.
so there she is, starving.
eating food that tastes like the underside of the seat of a 1960 nova.
and not doing anything proactive.
Not changing thought patterns.
Surrounded by temptation.
 WAtching as her body slows it's rate of loss while she is still hungry because your body's metabolism adjusts..
and by cutting your calories so low you have given yourself no where to go.
And just waiting for your body to change.
When change will be a long time coming.
No wonder people fail..and fail in spectacular fashion.
Eat real food.
I wish they would teach that.
Eat real food and do not starve.
Do not eat crap..
processed crap.
And do something to make yourself feel progress..
Give yourself physical goals.
Allow yourself a treat and stop calling yourself names.
And don't expect the weight off by a certain date.
That's all, I feel better now. lol.


Beyond Willpower said...

omg I soooooo feel ya on this!

So true! Been there!

Deb Willbefree said...

lo carb debacle?

I thought your eating plan was fairly low carb. Did I get that wrong?


Christine said...

@ Deb, yeah...I did atkins induction for six months once. It was a bad idea. I thought it was my magic bullet. Then I cracked and ate everything. You need more veggies and fruits. Atkins works done properly, I didn't do it properly. I was still looking for an easy fix.

E. Jane said...

You are right on about everything you said. Lean Cuisine and almost all frozen diet meals (even Jenny Craig) send me into starvation mode. They are all from 200 to about 280 calories. Multiply that by 3 meals a day, add a Jenny Craig chocolate cake, and I think the nutrition is poor. There's not enough protein in them, and I doubt that there's 6 ounces of meat in any of them. No wonder I could never stay on that type of plan. Eating out of cardboard three times a day will send me into a binge.

Julie Lost and Found said...

Once upon a time I did the Lean Cuisine thing. Blech!

The fresh veggies are so much better. I love a good salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinegar!

Crumpled Moments said...

This post deserves an applause. Real food is the answer to so many health issues.

carla said...

now can you COME OVER HERE and tell the husband that?!

Anne H said...

Atkins by the books - what a concept!
Love it!

Joy said...

I am so with you on this! For me, I started with the prepackaged food. At least it helped me see good portion size, but soon I did not feel well. After seeing a nutritionist, she advised I prepare real food instead. I soon found that I could have more food, with lower calories and I felt great!

Keep focused!

Jennneil said...

OK. I confess. I do Lean Cuisines sometimes for lunch. I actually like the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and the Meatloaf (with lots of added ketchup). I probably have them two or three days a week at work. If I had them more often, I'd puke.
It's the portion control that I like. Same reason I like Subway.

Hanlie said...

I'd probably stab someone if they put a meal like that in front of me. I'm firmly in the real food camp too!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Awesome, seriously so awesome!
I must confess- I do the looky-loo into other shoppers carts and it is ALWAYS the very unfit and unhealthy that are loading up on this crap. My husband thought he'd try this stuff after he finally noticed that I was literally shrinking right in front of him. LOL. He didn't bother to ask what I was doing and I let him live and learn. When he asked, I very nicely shared my not-so-secrets and he's actually feeling and looking a lot better! BTW, love the visuals- gross!