Standards....Getting some....

I don't know about you all..But I have standards in certain areas of my life.
There are things I feel are very important.
When it comes to my kids, my standard was and is very high.
what I want them to learn etc.
When it came to my weight my standard was...
well, I didn't have one.
I didn't have a standard for personal appearance other than clean and covered and combed.
I thought it was too shallow.
It's funny how we have standards about some things and not about others.
For some,
Cussing is a big fat no no...
For others, not so much.
I'll never forget it...I was with this women...the kids were all over the place...yelling, rebellious and crawling on the floor...and nothing.
Not a flinch.
Someone had taken a bag of garbage that was tied...and put it in the car..
She was p*ssed.
That was 'disgusting'.
The rest...not disgusting.
I would have been much more upset at the blatant disrespect the kids showed the place they were in, and the people who were there.
It threw me.
Then I realized, we are all different.
But I was watching a young man the other day...and I really admired his take on 'standards'.
This young man is Tim Tebow.
He knows what he is trying to accomplish.
He had personal standards that weren't just about how he looked...but what life meant.
He had a reason for exercising and for working hard, above and beyond the superficial.
And it made me realize why standards are so important.
Because they teach your children what is and isn't acceptable.
And the lower your standards are...the lower theirs will be.
You see, my standard for my oldest daughter is A's and B's in school..
I know she can do it..
(and really its B's in math and A's in every thing else...because it is her toughest subject and she TRIES.)
My mom's was c's and graduate.
I lived up to her expectations.
Kate lives up to both hers and mine.
Kids set the bar by the parent's standard.
YOu tell your kids to 'not get caught'...they see no reason to be honest.

I never thought to set a bar on my personal appearance.
But you will notice thin women have a bar...
It could be a five pound bar...or a 10 pound bar.
It's the trigger that says..
'OH NO'....I am not going to be "insert number here'.
And it triggers a response..
usually weight loss or what have you.
It triggers movement.
With my weight, I just kept saying...
'Oh, I'm not that bad"
Which isn't a standard, it's an excuse or a way to put off dealing with the weight issue.
Or my house...
There should be a minimum standard.
Well, It's not bad...
But something like
I don't leave dishes in the sink before bed etc.
I vaccuum the floor once a day etc.
And for personal fitness it could be..
I eat clean 6 days out of 7.
I exercise minimum 1 hour a day 6 days a week.
It's a standard..
and here is the video that set all this thinking off..

That this young man gets it at such a young age is a testament to his parents. Period.
I have been watching him and thinking...that is how you become a role model.
Live your convictions out loud and set your standards for your life HIGH.
You prove yourself through your actions.
Those are my thoughts.
I did HIIT training yesterday and today I did my third whole body workout.
My eating is good.
But I have dishes that need doing.
Have a great night guys!
Chris out.


Hanlie said...

Awesome post! I love your insights. You are so right, when we set ourselves standards, we can live excellent lives. Without standards we are really nowhere.

Anne H said...

My trainer is that way - very smart and puts it into place.
I learned alot from how to be a "leader" person from him.
PS.. I'm still a slob... but I'm getting there!

Julie said...

OH MY GOSH ... how do you keep doing it? I'm struggling but I don't know why. I finally figure out what my problem is but don't know to deal with it. Then, a post from you telling me exactly what I need to hear and go about taking care of my issue!! You are amazing. And that is why we are friends. Well, that and the fact I stalk your posts. ;)