Metabolic BURN

Are You Getting Full Metabolic Effects?
“There are four reliable ways to stimulate the maximum caloric burn both during and after the exercise session,” says Teta. “We call these the ‘Bs’ and the ‘Hs’, breathless, burning, heavy and heat. Each workout should work to generate all four of these components.”
In other words, when you finish your circuit you should be wobbly, sweating, striving to catch your breath, and clawing for your water bottle. Your muscles should be fatigued, and if you’re just starting out, you can probably expect a few days of soreness.
CLIPPED AND QUOTED from a fitness website.
Guys, You know I have been working out forever.
I thought I worked out hard.
I was wrong.
If you get the opportunity, do circuits. 
I can't even tell you the difference it's made in such a short amount of time.
A ton.
I can FEEL muscles developing in my legs and in my rear.
Heck....I even have an 'in curve' above my rear end...something I have never had before..
I have always had 'flat butt' syndrome.
 Here is a good example...

It makes my hour long elliptical workouts look like pansy stuff.
My elliptical days  are now my 'easy' days.
So...If you are dead bored by your current workouts...try incorporating circuits.
They are fun and will really push you like you wouldn't believe.
Chris out.


karen@fitnessjourney said...

That's a good way of breaking it down into something understandable to take with us to the gym. I used to think I worked out hard until I started working out with my former trainer. I asked my trainer once why some people don't see results when they work out regularly. He said they are likely not working at a high enough intensity to get results.

Rettakat said...

Honestly my first reaction to the video and this info was discouragement... but then I remembered a Truth: don't focus on what you can't do, but on what you CAN do!

So... I will up my intensity of what I CAN do. Booyah for the burn! :-D

kp said...

Which is a great way of splitting this into some thing easy to understand to consider along with us to a health club. I used to think I resolved hard till I began working out along with my own past coach. Cabbage Diet ideal...