passion or perfection?

I think passion wins.

OR as Tim Tebow says:
"Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work as hard."

You don't need to be perfect to lose weight.
Only downing fish capsules and wheat grass.
Or have perfect form.
I don't need to be perfectly pretty:
To get the guy.
Or a perfect Passer:
To win the game.
Or the Perfect person:
To live your life.
What inspires people?
That inspires.
I went through a period of NOT being inspired.
My weight loss slowed, and stopped...
Heck I even gained a few pounds.
Because I forgot what gave me the passion to lose the weight.
My passion wasn't to have a perfect ass.
It was to LIVE.
Like I was meant to.
To give life my all and not let it pass me by in some kind of slow motion suicide by time.
Death by clock..
Death by donut.
My greatest achievement being the ability to down 3000 calories in a sitting.
My weight is a number.
My life is what counts.

Some quick quotes:
With out passion you don't have energy, with out energy you have nothing.
Donald Trump
Fear is the passion of slaves. Patrick Henry (wow that one was good!)

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.
Martha graham

My belief is that what comes across on the television is a capture of my enthusiasm and my passion for wildlife. Steve Irwin

The music itself could never take the place of my own passion in life.

Without passion man is a mere latent force and possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark.
Henri frederic amiel
Don't be a possibility...be the flame.
Chris out.


Rettakat said...

This was a very meaningful and moving post, Chris. All of it.

I've wondered for, literally, years how to get the passion I feel into a painting. I hope I discover the secret before I die!! :-D

I can feel your passion is back... makes me smile.

E. Jane said...

I can feel your passion, Chris. I have heard it said that there is a fine line between passion and talent. Without passion, talent doesn't realize itself. I think that's true.

So glad you have found your way back. I'm feeling it too, like I haven't for years. It can happen out ot the blue or perhaps born in a moment of despair and feeling the waste and embarrassment of carrying around so much extra weight. I cried for a day, and then I caught fire. I'm keeping the fire burning--lit with passion. Thanks for putting a name to it.

Hanlie said...

I've been thinking about it a lot and am actually percolating a blog post around this... I absolutely agree with you.

I loved Steve Irwin and still miss him. He certainly was passionate in a completely down-to-earth way.

MargieAnne said...

Hmmmm! You hit a perfect note here.

Have I ever been truly passionate about anything? Talented? yes! Passionate? Not very, at least partially dumbed down.

Is that the key I'm missing? Time to stir some passion into my life. Thanks Chris. Thought provoking as usual.

And thanks to Loretta for pointing me back here.

Anne H said...

I love it too!
I try and try all the time.
Finally gave up trying to be perfect.
And guess what - I got better!

Julie Lost and Found said...

Definitely passion! Without a doubt.

Chris, thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. You always have something great to share and I appreciate your wisdom.

Putz said...

tebow and chris<><>two heros