Why I have 'food rules"....

Hey all,
Just got back from the gym and my full body workout.
It was the same one that kept me from walking straight for three days the last time I did it.
This time I not only did it, but was able to walk a mile afterward.

single leg squats 10 reps each side
no rest
bent over row with barbell
12 reps
no rest
romanian deadlift with same barbell
12 sets
no rest
bench press
15 reps
no rest
swiss ball crunch
15-20 reps
90 second rest
then redo all of the above 2 more times..

Next set
reverse lunge
10 times each leg
no rest
bentover row (again!)
10 reps
no rest
forward lunge with one arm extended
10 per side
no rest
bench leg raise
10 reps
90 second rest repeat 2 more times

3rd set
sumo squat with dumb bell
12 reps
no rest
French press (triceps)
12 reps
no rest
barbell curl
12 reps
no rest
Mountain climber
(30 total)
I did this and at the end I only had to pause once on those mountain climbers.
I could FEEL the difference in my legs.
I have gained some major muscle in my legs in a very short period.
If you are looking to shake up your workout routine, these are awesome and require minimal equipment.
I would also reccomend foam rollers.
They hurt but man, do they work.
It shoves the lactic acid out of your muscles and helps you recover quickly.

So Food rules.
When I am eating clean
1.) No sugar...none.
I will eat 2 T of honey on my yogurt, but no white sugar
2.)No white flour.
3.) No drive thrus.
None...there is nothing there they can make better (read healthier) or cheaper than I can make it at home.
it's just garbage. If you want a salad, make one..you will know what is in it.
5.) No late night runs to the 7-11.
IF you don't go, you can't buy a bag of chips, can you?
6.)NO POPCORN...Popcorn is my kryptonite.
7.) And carbs  such as bread or honey or fruit, I eat in the morning.
carbs like veggies (only veggies lol...) I eat after 3.
8.) I eat a big @ss dinner.
Because it is my most vulnerable time. I get hungry and i cave easier in the evening. It's all about knowing yourself.
9.) I try to incorporate fat with my protein to feel full longer.
If I have an omelette...I have it with an ounce of cheese. Feta works for me. Then I have at least 1 cup of veggies with my food. Could be tomato...this morning is was zucchinni.
That's about all.
what my food rules do is this.
I am hungry...or maybe I am NOT HUNGRY.
I am bored.
I want to eat something.
How do you ascertain if you are really  hungry?
Well, first you say No sugar, no white carbs.
but I can have radishes.
Do you want them?
(my go to veggie is cabbage).
If it's a yes...then go for it.
IT's never radishes if it's a craving.
and since the rule is in place during my clean eating days.
I just say 'nope'. Can't have it.
It's a rule.
I don't know why, it just works.
Don't leave fudge room.
It will bite you in the rear.
Have a great night guys.
Chris out.


Rettakat said...

"It's all about knowing yourself."
This is so true. And also why people can't just copy exactly what another person does. We have to do the work of tailoring it to fit us. Your self-honesty is what really makes this approach work.

I had to laugh about the radishes and cabbage. Yikes! I'll have to try that next time I'm rummaging in the fridge because "I'm hungry". Very revealing question!

Helen said...

Baby carrots are the thing I use if I'm digging around in the fridge. If it's baby carrots or nothing and you don't want those well then have a glass of water and get over it!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Love that tip about whether or not you're hungry. If we all followed that we probably wouldn't see any weight loss blogs, just fitness blogs.

Hope you're doing well, it's been a while. (BTW, have you ever tried Stevia as an alternative to the honey in your yogurt? A friend just turned me on to this and I use it in my Greek yogurt. Because it's plant based it doesn't go against the vegetarian diet I've been consuming.)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I broke into a sweat just reading about your workout. Keep up the great work!

BEE said...

amazing workout absolutely amazing
sounds harder than a jillian michaels dvd