N.E.P.A (Non exercise physical activity) and weight loss....

Also known as a good way to burn extra calories outside the gym.
The majority of our time is not spent inside the gym...or it shouldn't be, right?! lol.
So, Omar says move around...stand up when talking on the phone or doing bills or whatever it is you are doing.
I know, I am quoting omar.
Because I buy what he's selling.
In other words, he doesn't bs.
Alot of programs are selling bullshit.
Take this pill..
you will lose x amount of pounds
If you lose TOO MANY pounds...call a doctor.
As if it's ever actually been a problem.
When I see this crap on tv or hear it on the radio...I give it a mental middle finger.
Lose 20 lbs in 2 weeks.
Lose 30 pounds before the new year.
Lose your mind and buy this shit.
Don't buy it.
Sean Anderson has a book...called transformation road.
Look it up...he lost around 250 pounds.
He started at 505 pounds.
You know how he lost it.
wait for it...
He ate less and worked out more.
I buy what he's selling.
Because it's real.
There is no magic.
Just consistency.
I have lost over 100 lbs so far.
How did I do it?
I ate less...and exercised more.
Now, there are things that will make weight loss 'easier'.
Get rid of sugar.
It will reduce cravings.
Get rid of white flour..
same thing...it reduces cravings.
white rice, white flour, white sugar...they pack a big calorie punch...little nutritional value, and if you give them up...you will feel better.
Replace them with fruits and vegetables and some whole grains.
You'll get to eat more and feel fuller.
Now for nepa...it doesn't replace your workout.
But after  you workout, park in the north 40 and trek in at walmart..
stand while you talk on the phone.
try to get in 10,000 steps by getting a pedometer and paying attention.
And don't eat all the calories you just busted your ass getting rid of in the gym.
Do that, and you will lose weight.
That's all.
Chris out.


Jennneil said...

I haven't gotten the hang of the exercise part yet.
No...that's not right. I haven't COMMITTED to the exercise part yet.
I'm not sure how to get there.
But two specific words in your post stood out today. "PAY ATTENTION".
You call it determined. I call it conscious. Why is it so hard to stay in that frame of mind?

Christine said...

@Jennneil, I did it by committing to walking every day for 30 days. I didn't exercise at all before I started this 'last' go round. I knew I was going to have to make exercise a way of life because I love love love food. So I just started walking. 1 mile a day to start...every day in may I called it. So just make it a habit to walk...around the block. Make it the same time every day, a commitment to yourself. The same way you fill up your gas or pay your bills. YOu owe yourself time to get healthy, you are worth it.

Crumpled Moments said...

I have a fancy-schmancy pedometer called a FitBit. It keeps track of just about everything. It sort of works like a Bodybugg the contestants wear on Biggest Loser, only without the price tag. It keeps me motivated.

The other thing I now will suggest is to get over the notion you only need to see a doctor when you are sick. I just went for for my yearly, scheduled it out of obligation last year. I found my thyroid meds weren't working and a few other problems. I got some of the health issues under control, weight is dropping off and more importantly I feel gooooood!

carla said...

I call it NEAT but it's the same thing and it comprises a lotlotlot of my "workout" routine.

Anne H said...

When I can't workout proper, I do my routine at work! It's pretty cool - the way we can sneak in some Fitness In Real Life!

Mama said...

It is so crazy all the diet magic that is for sell out there when it really is so simple.... and yet that simple formula can be so HARD, so people want that magic pill to make the weight go away quick and easy. Just another side effect of our instant gratification culture.

My computer sits on a counter top, I sit on a bar stool to do homework, pay bills, blog. Right now I'm standing up at my counter typing this comment. Thanks Omar :)

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Yep, totally explains why I ONLY had 50 pounds to lose instead of a whole lot more. That moving all the time will buy you a LOT of calories. I tried a pedometer once and saw that I average 13,000 steps a day. Then I saw a video of myself while talking on the phone and I saw where a lot of those steps come from. LOL.

Oh and last year when I went away for New Years, I was in a place with wonderful food everywhere- which I readily ate. I ended up walking over 5 miles a day and never gained a pound!

My mother always bought into the crazy diet crap and she is still fat, fatter than ever. And every heavy person I know likes lowfat/fatfree artificial gross tasting foods that just make them fatter. What a crock.

Great advice, maybe I'll park farther away at my next stop ON PUPOSE. That should help with the holiday foods.

Julie said...

I love how you seem to know what I struggle with in my head that I need to read others lives to get advice on... This would of been very timely if I had read it yesterday instead of making the Christmas Ball cookies at midnight that has white flour, white sugar, white butter (just kidding)! Love love love your post. Thank you.

Jennneil said...

Very embarrassing question, but who/what is omar???????

Jennneil said...

I just impulsively ordered a FibBit after reading about it in these comments! I'm excited about getting it!

Rettakat said...

Hey Jennneil... My FitBit accidentally took a trip through the washer and dryer... and it still works... gasp!! Love that little thing.

Christine said...

@Jennneil...this is omar...http://www.youtube.com/user/OmarIsuf?blend=21&ob=5
I bought his whole program of workouts for cheap....and he has free tips that all make sense to me...especially after doing this for nearly 3 years. These are all things that have worked for me in the past.