Full Body workout number 2...better.

I cut those full body workouts by 1/3rd.
After that last full body workout I couldn't even walk the next few days.
Now, I am sore but am able to go to the gym tomorrow.
Sore is just another word for 'working'.
I will go grocery shopping tomorrow.
It is a biggie because I need a few things I don't normally get..
like iodized sea salt.
I just wanted everyone to know that I read your comments.
I always read the comments.
I don't always get time to comment on the comments because I don't always have access to t he computer.
But I do appreciate them and the people who read here.
The next few months should be very productive.
I hope you all had a great night.
I did.
Hang in there and keep plugging.
I will too.
Chris out.


Anonymous said...



Amber said...

No pain
No gain!

Rettakat said...

I'm commenting on "I don't always have time to comment on the comments".

That was cute... made me smile.

Keep up the good work... we will too.

Anne H said...

I love that you lowed down.
Now I KNOW you are going to make it.
In stride!

Hanlie said...

I know what you mean about commenting on the comments - I don't do it often either.

Sounds like you're in the groove!

Jennneil said...

I really appreciate the fact that you read the comments. I think there are quite a few bloggers who don't.
Kudos to you for exercising - especially to the point of getting sore! I'm really kind of flubbing it in that area. I haven't found an exercise that I "love" and I keep thinking I will. I need to remember that, at this point in the game, it doesn't matter is I love exercise or not. Its needed. I don't love swallowing pills but I take pills when I'm sick and need them. Shouldn't be any different. As I type this, I'm looking at the words on the side of your page that say "I CAN DO HARD THINGS". I need to remember that!