Avoiding weight loss burn out....

hey all...
Back from my day, such as it was...
which simply included a ton of running around getting not a lot accomplished.
Done with that.
I did buy 50 lbs of potatoes for 10 dollars from a nice old hispanic man on the side of the road.
Keeping it local.

I was listening to christian radio the other day.
And was cleaning..
kind of half in and half out with the listening..
When something the preacher said made me say WHAT!
Luckily he repeated that..
he said
"I repeat, It isn't striving with passion toward your goal that burns you out...it's striving towards a goal you feel is UNATTAINABLE that burns you out."
(Don't you love it when that happens..you miss it and God knows it's important so he has the dude repeat it?!)
When did I run into my big old mucking around?
Really last july when I went back to michigan...
and then kept trying and trying.
When I got down to 145 and felt phhhhtttt.
what's the difference between 135 and 145.
It's never going to make my body 20 years old and perky.
and just like that BLAMMO.
Motivation kinked.
And it's true.
My body will never be a 20 year old body.
The time for that has passed.
But, I can be healthy.
I can win.
Over every bad thing that happened to me.
Over every fear.
Every mean comment.
Every moment when I thought they might be right..
That I will never again be as thin as I was when I was 19..
That isn't true.
I will be and I will be healthier..
It may not look the same.
It may all be a little further south.
That's okay.
Because my motivation isn't to be 20.
It's to be whole.
So figure out what your motivation is...
And make sure that it isn't unattainable...through weight loss.
Weight loss will not make you happy.
Get you the perfect boyfriend.
Make you rich.
Take care of your relationship issues.
IT will give you a sense of accomplishment.
It will give you a sense of health.
IT will give you a better quality of life.
To avoid workout and weight loss burnout...set your goals and make them attainable and relevant.
Chris out.
P.S.  I am starting a little something I'll call "Letters to Omar'

Omar is my psuedo coach and the crazy booger who designed those workout programs I am using.
The omar who wants me to drink ALMOND MILK...
Almond milk isn't actually possible.
Almond being a nut and milk being something extracted from mammals.
And it took two stores to find it.
My letter to omar tonight...
Dear Omar:
If I can't find almond milk, Can I use butter milk? .

Have a great night guys.


Anonymous said...

"Almond being a nut and milk being something extracted from mammals."

I'm trying SO HARD not to say, "Well, then all you need is to extract milk from a mammal who's nuts."

Guess I failed. >-D

Rettakat said...

I love it when God makes sure we hear what we need to hear. Good word!

E. Jane said...

Weight loss burn out is very real. It happens to so many of us who have struggled with weight loss for so long, either without success or with regain. It seems that you're right--it occurs when we strive for a goal that we think is unattainable. That makes me think that a lot of this burn out is caused by our "stinkin' thinkin'." I'm going to spend more time working on my thoughts about what I can and can't do and having more faith. Great post!

Amber said...

Great post!
You can find the almond milk at the whole foods and vitamin cottage. I'm sure it costs a pretty penny too, but it is around. Similar to soy milk.

Anonymous said...

I get almond milk in the dairy section at the supermarket. It's right there with the cow's milk and coconut milk.

Quiltingranny said...

Good post, thanks for sharing and congrats to your weight loss, you look mahvalous!

Mama said...

I read your blog earlier and it struck a chord with me that I came back and read it again tonight. I am 31, almost 32. The last time I was at a healthy weight was almost 14 years ago. When I reach my goal I will not look like I did 14 years ago. I've had two babies and a lot of gravity at work on this body. I have to be prepared to love myself for who I am now, and that scares me a little (lot). My goal of being at a healthy weight is attainable. My ability to love myself at that weight is the unattainable that I'm worried about. Your post gave me lots to chew on, thanks!

Helen said...

Weight loss burnout is real. That's why it's so important to take times of rest to revel in what has been accomplished. I'm a firm believer in that.

Next time you go looking for almond milk, try looking where the soy milk is. Silk makes both soy and almond and I noticed at my grocery store it would be very easy to pick the wrong one up since they all say SILK in great big letters!

Anne H said...

I love the coconut milk and the almond milk... soy not so much...why add the junk and the carbs, eh? But that's just me.
I'm not burned out in my diet, I'm just ..... can't find the words....

Hanlie said...

Wow! That makes so much sense. I loved this post and am already looking forward to your letters to Omar!