ahhh, the gym

yep, back at it today...an hour on the precor as usual. But burned 480 today cause I went longer with the tension and such. The machine next to me was down and I must have had 20 people come by, climb on then see the sign. The things that amuse me are endless. I felt pretty good, can't blog long cause I have to work out the next few girl scout meetings and plus up my plans for homeschool. Won't be able to make my blog rounds tonight. Hope everyone out there is doing great.

And to pile on the bandwagon...Kanye west is indeed a world class d bag. You can put whatever you want in there and it will be fine by me. I didn't watch the vma's, I don't watch much but news....but I couldn't miss it on the news today. I think the level of vainglory and self absorption has reached a tipping point with this guy. He's lucky it wasn't me. I would have clocked him in his big. fat. gob.

Talk at you later,


Brightcetera said...

Cheers on the workout, Chris!

I've had the experience of pulling the push doors so I guess I'd be the person climbing on the machine ... :D
paying attention all the time to signs is not always my strong suit.

I missed this whole Kanye thing.

Have a good nite, Chris.

Hanlie said...

I just learned about Kanye! He must be on something...

Easy Losing Weight said...

Great job getting back to the gym!

Emmett said...

I love the music in the background!