all u can eat....meh!

Well, today was supposed to be my higher calorie day. Only, it didn't turn out that way. I ate a big breakfast (3 eggs and 1 and 1/2 peices of toast). Then I wasn't hungry till about dinner. I had a small bag of chips (280 calories- I know, I know horrendous nutritionally, it is my day off though) For dinner I wanted to go to 3 margeritas and have a spinach enchilada with coleslaw. My family wanted the golden corral. So we went. I had a salad, sesame chicken and two rolls. I didn't finish the salad and I only ate one and a half rolls. I had a root beer, but only drank 1/4 before pawning it off on my husband. I tried to eat a coconut cream tart but got one bite down before i quit trying. None of it tasted as good as I thought it would. I maybe managed to get down 800 calories. All told today I have eaten 1460 calories.
When I left I felt ucky because of the grease in the sesame chicken. I went home and it was oh...6:56, I realized that I still had time to go to the gym. So I am running around as fast as I can and I realized that the happy, excited feeling was the same feeling I USED to get before going to an all you can eat buffet.
I realized I would rather go to the gym than eat.
I was so happy I almost cried. On the way to the gym I tried thinking of a food, any food that I wanted more than I wanted to lose weight...and I couldn't think of a single one. Not cheese cake, not fried chicken, not cheese curds....not even popcorn...my all time favorite. Nothing beats the feeling I get when I know I am winning. When I work out for an hour and can do thirty pushups.
I am no longer sittiing on the couch feeling nothing, numbing all my pain with food. I am out there doing what I have been dreaming of doing for years. I am creating my future. I am controlling my body. It doesn't control me.
I am a girl scout troop leader. I NEVER would have volunteered for something like this before.
Man, I had a good day.
How was yours? A winner, I hope.


Hanlie said...

YOU are a winner! I love days like that!

Roxie said...

It's great to feel like you are in the "zone". Enjoy the feeling!

Fat[free]Me said...

Oh, wow, that is such a biggie! I feel like that too, nothing tastes as good as being slimmer feels.

Why did food lie to us so much all these years and why did we fall for those lies?

Amy said...

I've been feeling the same way! I'll take a bite of a food I used to crave, and think 'eh. this is what I was missing?'

Brightcetera said...

I'm wearing a grin as big as Texas right now for you!

Anonymous said...

Chris, what a HUGE milestone! Congratulations! I am so excited to continue reading of your journey & success.

Losing it in Vegas said...

I, too seem to have lost interest in many foods...and when I do want something that is not so great, I find myself picking healthier choices.

Feels good to be in the groove, doesn't it!

Reva said...

so glad you are 'winning' in your goal to lose weight and above all, feel better. Even though I didn't used to work out to lose weight (I need to now), I remember that the energetic and happy feelings I got from the endorphins were great. That was what brought me back and the fact that I had the strength to do so much more than I could before. Keep it up for yourself!