It starts with a 1

That my friends, would be my pants size. I bought a pair of size eighteens (from goodwill) about two weeks ago, thinking I would fit into them in a month or so. Well, today I thought I would try both pairs on to see how they fit. The first pair went on and buttoned but wouldn't zip 0.O.... The second pair did all three, I was so psyched I called my mom then went next door to tell my friend. I haven't worn a pair of pants with a one in the front since I was pregnant with my youngest. I just took to wearing 'stretchy' pants. When I started I was wearing a 24. Now, when I sit, the eighteens are a little tight...so I have room for improvement. Next stop, sixteens.

Okay, so I went to the gym for the second day in a row. I thought it would be packed because it's a saturday. NOt so, it was barren. I could have skipped merrily down the row....five minutes on precor, five on treadmill and five on stairstepper...etc. But, just stuck to the precor and did one hour and burned 440 calories. I kept my calories today to about 1550. I weighed in this morning at 218. This was the weight I bailed on last time I tried to lose weight. I went from 239 to 218 or 19. Then I quit. Not this time. Today I felt like I was on fire. I sweated through my t-shirt. My oldest daughter said I looked shorter, or like I am shrinking. I told her i was probably losing fat off the bottom of my feet. Of course my oldest is 5'8. I'll be back in the gym tommorrow tearing it up. I plan on working out in the gym from now on unless I absolutely can't. I saw up front that they have a sign up for a zumba class on the 17th of september, I think I might try it,,,it looks like a lot of fun. Has anyone out there tried it? I hope you all are tearing it up too.


Roxie said...

You are rocking this deal! I cracked up at the "bottom of my feet" comment. Seriously, congratulations - sounds like you are in the 'zone'. It's an awesome place to be - ride it for all it's worth.

Carlos said...

kick ass chris... how about a pic of your sweat til you drop badassedness?

jo said...

Oh, happy day!!! A great-big congrats on getting those 18s on and zipped! Good going!!

Great job on your exercise. I'm glad you've found something that you love and works well for you!

LMBO about the feet--but I have to ask seriously, has your shoe size changed? My shoes while exercising this week, my feet were sliding around in them. So I really do think I've lost in my feet!

Christine said...

I would love to take a picture of me, however I don't have a digital camera...the only only only person person person in existence.. tence.. tence... It's on my Christmas list, maybe santa will bring me one? (or my husband) lol.

Hanlie said...

Congratulations! That is huge! Or small... whatever... You know what I mean!

I am so glad you're enjoying the exercise and breaking through your barrier!

Brightcetera said...


Chris, I'd email you if I knew your addy but I have to say thank you ... from the bottom of my heart. <3

HiddenJewel said...

Great job, Chris! Celebrate EVERY milestone!!! And about the feet? Yes, you do lose weight in your feet, too. My shoe size changed when I lost weight. Also, the first thing I noticed when I started to lose was that my pants were longer! My height wasn't shrinking but my hips sure were! :) Keep up the good work!

Brenda said...

Oh Chris! That is wonderful. I'd be jazzed too. You've encouraged me to get my hiney in gear.