sunday shmunday

went to the gym blah blah blah...(insert last five gym workouts here). No weird gym guy, nothing too interesting. only four people in the cardio section. The cool thing was the windows facing out.. the gym is on an air force base and I got to watch the jets do touch and gos....they have to land (or almost land) and take off without landing..it's part of flight training...so the path was diagonal to the big windows.
I came home and was going to make myself some chicken and veggies...left the room long enough for my dog to eat my chicken. Sometimes I hate my dog. But you can't really expect less from a lab. My fault for leaving the chicken within reach....must have been the low blood sugar (my forgetting, not the dog eating). Got some different chicken and ate that instead.

Just ate 10 strawberries and honey...very tasty.

Read my youngest an epic tale of self centeredness....and then redemption...
It was a tale called "the day nobody shared". There were many travails...sleepy bear refused to share his spot with grumpy bear and fell asleep and missed the parade....share bear received rainbow bars but wanted to keep them all to himself. Tragic. In the end, Share bear shared his rainbow bars and learned that sharing things was the best thing of all.

That was my Sunday (minus laundry, dishes and other boring things ;)...)
Hope yours was good
Hope you shared,
Care a lot Chris


Jennifer Brindley said...

re: your comment, I've never heard the bread in water trick. Eeew! I could never do that either.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

jo said...

I have to laugh about the dog and the chicken. One time we had guests and our Samoyed nabbed all our burgers. Another time we sat down to eat, I looked up and the ham was gone from the counter. lol Silly dogs. Glad you had more chicken.

Would love to watch the planes do touch and go--what a nice way to be entertained while working out.

We're having a high academic year, too. Once again with science, my son just runs off with the textbook and reads and reads. He's about 1/3 of the way done with the book, hasn't done worksheets or lab work, but he retains all the info. (His favorite pasttime is reading science books of any kind.)

We have done all four volumes of SOTW. We have them on CD. We listen to them in the car, on trips, during breakfast, you name it. My son asked me to keep them, and wants to listen yet again. I think we've listened to them all at least twice.

We have to test yearly--and so we are eclectic homeschoolers, do lots of academics and lots of free learning, too.

Losing it in Vegas said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Roxie said...

We had a Great Dane when I was growing up - you kept the counters clear around that guy. He once relieved us a ham!