Self Help? Help yourself!

Well, today was my day off of working out. I switched it to wednesdays cause I have my GS troop meetings then and won't have time. I went back to the gym on Tuesday. Weird Gym guy was there but didn't seem to do much but pace back and forth between the precors, ellipticals and treadmills. Maybe that IS what he does...kind of an homage to cardio equipment. Go figure. Either that or he has a really short attention span.
So, I think I mentioned before that I am a wee.bit.competitive. Not "stopped at a red light, lets race" competitive. More of a "Some skinny Nimrod hopped on the precor next to me, sneered in my general direction, as if to say 'this is how it's done' fatty, and then proceeded to pedal like a rat on crack" competitive. I couldn't let this pass. I had been going for twenty minutes at a moderate pace...somewhere around 120 evs per minute. Well, looking at him, i figured I could take him. So I gave R.O.C (rat on crack) a minute to settle in, then I matched him....for ten minutes....until R.O.C decided my cardio conditioning was indeed superior. He hopped off, looked at me real quick like icantbelieveitwheresmycigarettes...and took himself hence. I then dropped back down to my moderate pace and continued unhindered. I don't get testy as long as people don't get superior. I have been doing a good amount of cardio for four months now. I may be fat, but I've got plenty of wind.
So, my title...I figured I would put all that money I spent on self help books to use by instituting a little thing I'll call Self Help for Suckers. I will be giving you dear reader...for free, Obvious advice I paid good money for:
SHFS....installment 1
Use I statements.
This one is a classic. It's in almost every self help book out there. According to these men and women of genuis, using I statements lets the other person off the hook, that way they don't feel like your blaming them.
Your supposed to say things like: I feel hurt when you call me a slob...etc.
Things your not supposed to say: I loathe you...or I want a divorce....or I will get you a six pack later if you will just quit throwing up on the couch... Or the classic...I...I...I....(can substitute me...me...me...in case of dire narcissism.)
Self Help Tip Number 1
Use I Statements.
Hope you all are on target and using your I statements,


Hanlie said...

I am!

Well done for kicking sand in the eyes of Skinny Nimrod! Score one for the fat team!

Losing it in Vegas said...

LOL I have a weird gym guy who does that kind of stuff too, I find him fun to watch.

And how awesome was it to show up the skinny nimrod? :D

Roxie said...

I play those "inner Gladiator" games at the gym, too. And if someone looks down their nose, then they better be prepared to hang tough. Like you, I'm made of stamina. Way to go!

99ToGo said...

See all the fun I'm missing out on by working out all alone at home?? I hope to bike like a ROC one day :)