Day 2 at the No Weigh Inn....


Went and worked out on MY precor. I say my, because when I showed up at the gym it was taken by an interloper with a bad frost job. I bided my time on the elliptical (felt like walking on mush), when she got off (finally..) I was over there in a heart beat...minutes later I was pounding away. I'm not sure I like the elliptical. Then again, it could be an acquired taste. It's like showing up thinking your going to be dating Christian Bale, then in walks Gabriel Byrne, I would by no means be disappointed...but it's a different vibe. One young and exciting, the other low key and mysterious.

see inset:

Christian............... Gabe..............
As you can see, I have a type....
Neither are bad, just different. And so I believe it is for the precor and the elliptical.
One is young and exciting...the other, low key and mysterious.
(you know this was just an excuse for some eye candy for the ladies).
So, got my workout in and did my pushups and situps. For some reason the situps are harder than the pushups. It used to be the other way around.
I can pop out 36 modified pushups.
But can only do 30 crunchies (feet not under anything).
Hope all is well in your worlds.
Talk at you later,


Brightcetera said...

thanks for the Candy!

jo said...

I have awarded you the Honest Scrap Award.

One of my 10 things on my list was like sitting on that caboose knowing I don't belong here. =)

Brenda said...

Great analogy, Chris!

Sean said...

Thank you very much for all the support that you've been giving me. Its kind of funny actually, I had just sort of come to the conclusion that I can start doing shorter workouts during the work week and longer ones on the weekends. Then I read your comment telling me the same thing. Definitely gave me a good bit of enforcement, I guess great minds think alike. Hows that for cliche? LOL

Anyways I'm really glad to hear that you got a good workout. I'm still undecided if I like the eliptical or not, but it does kick your butt.

And uhm yeah, I don't even know who that Gabriel guy is, haha.

KrysTros said...

:::sigh:::: Christian Bale:::::sigh again::::

You need to get your own Precor. Since I've gotten one I do all my walking/running at home! But I know what you mean about an acquired taste.

Hanlie said...

Oh yeah! Love the eye candy! You have good taste in men. My favorite dark-haired, mysterious man is Joaquin Phoenix, but not when he's bearded and incoherent.

jo said...

Nice eye candy. lol at Hanlie's comment, I agree about Joquin.

I hate sit ups. I hate ab work. I really struggle with it, and did when I was skinny! I can do modified push-ups okay, but I hate my abs. lol

Christine said...

I love joaquin too. Especially in signs with mel gibson. Swing away...lol. Jo, I got your award and will blog later. Thank you.

HiddenJewel said...

I love that you contrast "young and exciting" with "low key and mysterious" instead of "old and boring". My "low key and mysterious" self thanks you. :D