My first blog award....

Thank you Jo 282.5.... you can go here to view Jo's Blog.
Now from what I understand, I am supposed to write
10 things about me that 'nobody knows'.
So I did:

1. My favorite artist is Andrew wyeth. This is important because I think that the art you love says alot about you. I think Andrew wyeth is one of the great American painters and doesn't get nearly enough credit for painting things in a straight on fashion and allowing you to view the scenes he paints through the prism of your own experiences. This is why I loathe Thomas Kinkaid, he sold his artistic soul for a dollar bill.

2. I was a toaist for a year. When I lived in Germany, I spent alot of time studying different religions and questioning the faith in which i was raised. I liked taoism because it seemed to say the obvious from a sort of inverted perspective. I kept on with it until I realized that taoism is just proverbs in a slightly different form. So much for enlightenment...lol.

3. I have insomnia. I have had insomnia since about the age of 12. I used to go days at a time without sleep. I would just lie in bed with my eyes closed and listen to music. I once knew, by heart, the lyrics to nearly 2000 songs. I even wrote them down in a notebook. This was while I was flunking algebra in high school....goes to show how I was putting my brain cells to use. These days I pop two unisom and go to sleep.

4. My older brother ran away from home when I was 14 and he was 17. I watched him steal my mom's car. I not only watched him, I begged him to take me with him. He said no. I never told my mom that I saw him leave. She got her car back. But he went to prison two years later for running cocaine from mexico to texas. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I would have woke my mom up and told her. I understood why he left. I wanted to leave too.
5. In my head, when I think of myself....I think of myself first and foremost as an artist. It isn't really a seperate part of me, it's more like who I am.

6. I think kids should be encouraged to find out who THEY ARE. I don't think parents should attempt to relive their own lives through their children. I think kids need to be accorded the same dignity we would give adults. They need to be listened to and answered honestly. I don't believe in hiding the world from my kids, I do believe in giving them a set of principles to help guide them through life. All the while respecting them for the unique individuals they are.
7. On a similar note, there is a reason I think everything through thoroughly.
I watched my mom hop from relationship to relationship. My brothers and I all have different dads. There were many times I was either told, or it was inferred, that I was a mistake. I vowed to myself that when I had children, I was going to plan them and I was going to want them, and that they would know they were wanted, and loved, and valued, every day of their lives. I have gone to great lengths to keep my family intact and to keep that vow. Don't have kids unless you are willing to create a good environment for them, even at great personal cost. As their parent you owe them that. Nothing pisses me off more than to hear someone whine...".my kids stole my youth" Whenever I hear this, I automatically know that that parent has probably stolen their kids' childhood.

8. I want to learn to play the piano. I think it is the most beautiful instrument.

9. I love it when men open doors for me, and treat me like a lady.
10. I want to learn the paso doble...from a spaniard
One of my favorite movies, and one of my favorite scenes:
It is:
The difference between the 'holy land experience" and actually going to the holy land.
The difference between mocklate and chocolate.
The difference between turkey and tofurkey... Coke classic or new coke...sugar and splenda...making love or just sex.
Huge difference.
When it's real, it's real.
Now I have to pick 10 bloggers that I think this bloggie applies to....okay,
First one is easy
1.) Karen-Fitcetra
and then:
2.) Amber-Faith love kids and me
3.) Tony posnanski (anitjared)
4.) Monica-confessions of a plus sized girl
5.) Carlos (natch) from your gonna need a bigger boat
6.) Hanli- fertilehealthy
7.) losing it in vegas
8.) Lisa aka less of lisa aka losing with lisa
9.) super sqaured from my big fat super, super obese blog
10.)Stephen-from who ate my blog.
Every time I read their blogs, I consistently see the struggles and triumphs. They are usually brutally honest, and I appreciate that.
There are more, but I can only pick ten....so it goes lol....NOw I have to notify them.
Thank you Joe. Honesty is a trait I prize highly.
Hope all goes well with your guys.
Talk to you later,


Dani @ PFL said...

Congrats on your first blog award! =)

Brightcetera said...

Congratulations Chris! on this award ... I love this one.
I, too, love the raw honesty that you show on your blog. I enjoy reading your posts!

I'm truly, sincerely flattered that you thought of me to pass this on to.

I'll do the required elements tomorrow :D

Really ... wow.

InWeighOverMyHead said...

congrats on your award

jo said...

I enjoyed reading your 10.

Number 6 is exactly the way I think. I think kids get the short end of the stick when it comes to respect, yet they're expected to give it. I could have written your 6 verbatim.

Reading about being a taoist, I kept reading toast. lol It's early, I'm still sipping my coffee--I had to read it three times! I shouldn't admit that!

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Thank you so much for reading my blog and nominating me for this award. You really are such an amazing woman and blogger and I love that new picture of you btw...what a cutie!!!

I honestly have no idea how I'm going to find 10 things I haven't shared with the universe yet, but it will be fun thinking about it over the next few days.

You and I have SO much in common hehe...even more than I imagined so far. Same views on children and child rearing....don't have 'em if you don't want to raise them. well if I keep going, I just might give away the few things you DON"T know bout me yet ;)

Hanlie said...

Thank you, Chris! I really appreciate it. And I enjoyed learning more about you. Your blog is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

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