anatomy of an almost binge

MAN did I want some chips. Since I am sane enough to realize chips shouldn't be kept in a three mile radius of me when Tom is near by, I told my husband that I wanted a diet DR. pepper. All this so I could sneak out of the house at eight o clock at night, to go and get me a small bag of chips. I was doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to make it 'okay'. I was low on calories the last two days, I would only eat half (stop laughing), If i ate the whole bag it was only 280 calories (sixty over my fight to the last man, food be-dammed, full stop total for any day-1800 calories...so I would have clocked my calories in at 1860. It was awful. I got to the 7-11 (also known by baptists as the abomination that causes desolation) and wandered around the chip aisle, checking the back of every salty snack food in there..trying to find that miracle bag of chips that had only 200 calories or less. Well, I found them, only they aren't chips...they are salted pistachio nuts. One small tube is only 150 calories. I still went back and forth, clasping the 7-11 brand chips to my chest while clutching the pistachios in my other hand. I wanted those chips. Then I replayed a few disparaging comments about my weight from strangers I have met in the last week (thank you mullet headed goob and subway J*ck-*ss, real men of genius) I went with the pistachios. I am eating them slowly. right. now. Sucking and savoring their salty goodness. I knew in my heart of hearts that those chips would have been the beginning of a Binge of Epic Proportions. I feel better about myself having picked something that resembles healthy. I hope everyone is doing well and sticking with it. Oh, and I did my three mile walk today, and my legs felt like they could do a mile more. awesome! Don't give in!


Hanlie said...

To be honest, I prefer pistachios over chips any day! I'm just annoyed that they're always salted. At least they're a better choice than the chips would have been. So well done on making a better choice!

I used to tell my husband that we were out of milk, so that I'd have to go over to the store at odd hours for something bingy, or usually for cigarettes! Now I go to the store once a week and that is it.

Fat[free]Me said...

Oh, you did so well! It is so hard when you get a craving like that and managing to side-sweep the way you did is pure genius!

Phew (and well done on the 3-miler)!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

How can a brain that's in charge of our body's well-being do so much to lead us away from its best interests? It never ceases to amaze me...

Good job on fighting your inner demons to at least a draw. Just know that each time you do that, it makes it easier the next time...

Patty said...

Even with the salt, I think pistachios are an excellent snack. They have a fair amount of vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins, and you had about 5 grams of protein instead of straight processed carbs and fat. And you stayed under your 1800 goal!
Take that, Mr. mullet head goob!
(And I did call hubby that and he laughed and said where in the world did you get that from???)

Amber said...

Great Job!
It is so hard when those strong cravings come on! Glad you were able to pass on the chips!
I won't tell you the kids and I shared a bag of Doritos today ( a 7-11 small bag but still).
oh well,

Brightcetera said...

You done good!
and yes ... it DOES and WILL get easier.
You'll see.