July....the longest month???

Ugh...July seems really long. Every year it's bottom out with the money and it's just so hot. I don't like heat. I prefer the fall. I had a weird couple weeks working out because of my illness in june, which took four or five days to recover from. It was so strange I didn't take my usual rest two sundays in a row which led to these odd no walking days, Of which, today was one. I have walked for nine days strait although one was a one miler. Yesterday was the hardest walk because I felt so tired and did three miles anyway. It has been really hot here, in the high 80's. So today I kept my calories where they should be, but skipped a walk. I have a feeling I will feel better tommorrow. Tommorrow is my cheat day. It was going to be the 14th (which is my daughter's birthdy party, I don't like cake, can take or leave ice cream and now have realized I don't want pizza). So, why expend my cheat day on foods I don't want to eat. I want mexican, so I will have my cheat day tommorrow because the rest of my week is full, and I won't have time for a trip out to eat. I have discovered I don't miss much food. I do miss tortilla chips and am really looking forward to my spinach enchilada with queso blanco baby. I am down 20 lbs from where I started. It's only been seven weeks. I don't want to lose too much too soon, but am not pushing too hard I don't think. I weigh 242 right now. I started at 262.4. This post looks like my brain. A mish mash. I have a lot of stuff going on right now, just getting on here to write something down was a chore, so at least it's done. I have a feeling this blog is more important than I think it is. I am going to walk two miles tommorrow, and then the eat fest starts at five. Hope you all have a good day.


Amber said...

20 lbs in 7 weeks is awsome!
Enjoy your cheat day!!

I think your blog is important, it's a way of connecting with others and getting support and encouragement from people other than direct family.
Plus the journaling helps too I think.
Keep it up!!

Patty said...

I think the heat really drains us more than we realize sometimes. We had 17 straight days of temps 90or higher...ugh!

Blogging has really made a difference for me, and I am just so lucky I found it when I did because I had started to gain at an exponentially faster and faster rate!

Enjoy your cheat day, SeƱorita!