Feeling good, Missouri 60

Okay, so, I have figured out that the five days prior to my period....Tom to all those in the know, is lethal and potentially dangerous territory. Everything from food dreams to mood swings. You may be thinking right now "doesn't she know this". No, she doesn't...at thirty five I don't know my own body because I have spent fifteen years eating away all emotions, symptoms and signs of anything and everything. I have not gone off program. I have been OP Since May 4th. On July 4th it will be two months OP. Which is funny because July 4th is my husband's three year sober anniversary. How have I stayed on Program for almost two months.
Here's how.

1.) Eating protein with every meal. It keeps me full. This way i engage my brain before eating.

2.)Starting my day right. I start every day with some fruit. For some reason, knowing i have already started with something healthy makes it feel like the day is mine and I am winning.

3.)I have personalized the fat. The fat is no longer a part of me, it's an unwanted visitor that needs to leave. Sometimes i take people and the feelings they give me and apply it to my fat, if this sounds crazy,it probably is, that's okay.... It's no more crazy than eating my way to an early grave. So, something like someone giving me a nasty face, I blame it on my unwanted guest. It may well be my personality, but my fat is my scapegoat. If I get my unwanted guest to leave, my life will be better. So instead of reaching for food, I exercise. Because every time I walk, every apple I eat, every good meal choice is one calorie closer to winning.

4.) When I get an intense craving, I try to find a way to fit it in without going over my calories. For instance, this month has been a food LANDMINE. Birthday parties, other people with their food. My favorite phrase this month is no, and my favorite activity is to leave the room. My kids wanted ice cream the other day, and why shouldn't they? They are slim and healthy. I knew I wanted some. generally I can take or leave ice cream but Tom was on the way. SO, I LOOKED UP THE NUTRITIONAL VALUES OF ICE CREAMS AT DAIRY QUEEN. I found something I could eat. The kids vanilla cone. Basically a 20 bite treat at 140 calories. My eight year olds was bigger, she had a small and thought that was funny. Eat it, but know the caloric price.

5.) I have a splurge day. It's one day a month, for me that is doable. I pre plan it. my hours are between 5pm and 11 pm. You can't do nearly as much damage as you (or I) would like to. My stomach can't hold what it used to. But I eat whatever and i mean WHATEVER i WANT. Cheese sticks, pizza, chips you name it. But the coach turns into a pumpkin at 11. And no, I don't binge...just eat till I am full. and nope, I don't feel guilty, I just act like that six hour period of time never happened and then I am back op.

6.) I make the majority of my meals with my family and then leave out the starch at dinner. That is ususally where the calories are. So, chicken stuffing and salad. Me-chicken and salad.

7.) No liquid calories except for my two cups of coffee a day. Those who knew me BEFORE know that you could have just hooked up a coffee iv, and I would have been happy. Now it's two a day, two T of milk and two T of sugar in each. To me, the calories are worth it.

8.) I keep strict count of my calories, down to a bite or two of anything, and I weigh or measure everything I put in my mouth.(My only exception is splurge day, it never happened...remember ;).

Well, that's enough for now.
My commitment for this month is that all my walks will be at least 2 miles long with one three mile walk per week. My calories will all be at or right around 1700 calories.
My walk today was 2.5 miles, and according to my scale, while on Tom and after a nice hefty dinner, I weigh 246 lbs.

Have a great day, and to those on the missouri sixty challenge...Good luck.


Patty said...

I always listen to the Miley song while I read your blog! :-)

You have laid out an awesome plan Chris. I absolutely love the personalization of the fat. I think I am gonna call my Bertha.

I know you are going to do so great with the challenge! Oh, and congratulations to your husband!!

Amber said...

Great job1
I knoe I missed the last few posts so I'm catching up.
Your doing good

HiddenJewel said...

I am SOOOO proud of you! I love your plan and the way you are taking control of your life. I especially like the way you are coralling your cravings. Kind of like telling the kids, "Yes you can play outside, but ONLY for an hour and ONLY inside the fence". Excellent!

@Patty- LOL "Bertha"

SeaShore said...

That's a good plan you have.

I agree about the liquid calories. It's too easy to overdo on them, and I find they don't satisfy as well.