Okay, So, I have been doing this new 'lifestyle' for about 3 months now. I feel awesome most days, I am feeling more fit and healthy by the day. I have really changed how I view myself. I feel positive, upbeat and full of motivation. So WHY when you feel just this way, does somebody have to come along and pee on my parade?

Okay, so I am at subway and I have ordered an italian bmt. So, the guy goes "what kind of bread would you like? I say wheat. He grabs white. This would not be a big deal but he has done this before. It's like "Fat girl can't possibly want wheat bread". The person in front of me got wheat, nary a sideways glance was given.

This time I lean across the plexiglass barrier (installed for just such occasions as this, I am guessing) and I said in a rather loud voice...'WHEAT..I SAID WHEAT. (Just in case he was hard of hearing) He gets this little smirk on his face, turns around and grabs the wheat bread. Then he asks me if I want any other sandwiches. I ignore him. Then this mullet headed goob two people up finishes ordering his gargantuan 12 inch fat bomb of a sandwich, turns to the rest of the line and announces "See that, now that's a sandwich...no Jared little portion crap for me, I'll burn it off too...cause I work out." Just when I nearly broke into sarcastic applause he and his mullet took leave.
Why do these morons assume so much. I don't know why, do any of you? If mullet head works out, I eat snails. I comforted myself knowing *$#%!-*ss behing the counter was making minimum wage and mullet head was going to be wonder gut by the time he was forty, metabolism catches up with us all...no matter how much we "work out".
There Mrs. Positive takes a drive down cranky lane. I am done now.
I did my WORK OUT by walking 2.8 miles, tommorrow is my 3.5 mile walk and my calories were 1689. Oh and I am currently 238 llbs. Need to update my ticker. Thats a loss of 24.4 lbs. since May 18th...Maybe it's cause I WORK OUT. Okay, I am done....


Hanlie said...

I always tell myself that I'll be thin eventually, but they'll still be assholes! There's no cure for that.

You are doing great!

M said...

Awesome post!! I could feel your rage, I love it!

I dont understand the mullet heads intentions...who cares if he works out? Was it absolutely vital to let all of Subway know that he works out? I would have thrown some light mayo in his face.

I cant wait to read your other entries, youre a fantastic writer!

Fat[free]Me said...

What a wonker!

Patty said...

I swear, the next chance I get, I am so calling hubby a "mullet-head goob". He is going to fall down laughing!! :-)