Harry Potter and the half sized popcorn

Hello all,
Well, today was what it was. I took my oldest (15yr old) daughter to see harry potter and the half blood prince. She liked the movie (except when, according to her, THEYTOTALLYLEFTOUTREALLYIMPORTANTPARTSLIKEWHENDUMBLEDORESAYSKILLMEANDGINNYANDHARRYNEVERKISSEDBUTIFYOUIGNORETHEBOOKIT'SFINEWHATEVER) So..... well worth the twenty bucks, is what she's saying. I read the book, but apparently not to the obsessive ends deemed necessary, because I thought the movie was well put together and highly entertaining. My comments were met with vigorous eye rolling and several 'didn't you read the book's'. All in all it was about 2 and a half hours long if not a bit longer. I liked it. I have really liked the last two movies. As Kate says, I love the angst. It's getting much more moody and realistic. The way I like all of my movies. My favorite is still the last one, which I believe was the order of the phoenix, but I could be wrong. Don't tell kate. I loved the end where Harry has to fight to not let his hate consume him. Awesome. I hope the next two movies are even darker and scarier. I think the end could be legendary if done right. Here's to hoping.
On the diet front. I decided to do popcorn in lieu of breakfast. I had two mini bags of butter popcorn along with a diet dr. pepper. (we went to the 11:00 am showing). I got my popcorn without buying the movie stuff, we snuck it in to the theatre....this seems to be becoming a habit. Eating forbidden food. oh well.
All told it was only 340 calories. Sure beats the 1100 in a movie theatre's medium popcorn. My only decent food choices today were my apple, my broccoli and my carrots and my chicken noodle soup. I had spaghetti for dinner with ronzoni and prego. The prego was the main thing that made dinner a kind of crappy choice. 90 calories fo r a half a cup, plus it has corn syrup. At least my calories came in today at around 1530. So 170 less than normal. I did get my walk in as well, 2 miles. It was a close thing...but a little article about swine flu and obesity had me pulling my shoes on at 7 this evening for my daily walk. Hope you all did well.


Hanlie said...

I totally reserve the right to sneak food into any place that doesn't offer healthy choices, like amusement parks and movie theaters (although I don't really understand the need to eat in a theater). It's my body and just like they can't force drugs on me, they can't force unhealthy, calorie-laden food on me!

Brightcetera said...

Glad you enjoyed the show.
Cool that you brought your own Pops and popcorn.
lol @ swine flu getting your butt out the door to walk ... never heard of that being an in*flu*ence before.
Sounds like you had a great day.

Christine said...

It was a good show. As for food in a theatre, I am not sure where that started. Probably in America lol.

Patty said...

Wow, just googled swine flu and obesity--had not hear that. But anything that makes you less healthy would probably be a factor.

Glad you ahd a good time at the movies with your daughter. :-)