I burned my first pair of fat pants

Hey, Well...haven't posted in two or three days. I took my walk today, 1,8 miles. I wore another hole in the back of my right heel instead of my left this time. A bandaid took care of it. Right now there is a lightening storm outside. I haven't seen one like this since we lived in massachussettes. I am under my calories today. I don't feel like being clever or witty. I have been cleaning for two days, and I have a weigh in on wednesday. I have really been knocking it out and staying op. Some days I feel like I have been doing this forever, and some days I know I have barely even scratched the surface. Tonight I took my size 24 pants, which are now too large to wear, out back and put them in the burn barrel and lit them up. My eight year old daughter was with me and she asked me why I was burning them, I told her it was a symbol of my commitment to never get that big again. Then my teenager piped up with the whole "I don't believe in symbolism' argument. At this stage in the game, she argues about everything. she's fifteen. My youngest then said "Goodbye pants, Good bye fat". Talk about getting symbolism.
So I say the same. "Good bye pants, Good bye fat".


HiddenJewel said...

Teens, gotta love em. It's that, or ... ah, nope, gotta love em!

Good job! Keep up the good work. You CAN do this. You ARE doing this. And you WILL win! I say surround yourself with all the symbolism you want cause you've earned it!

Patty said...

Way to go Chris, and the fact that you don't feel like be clever or wittiy is probably due to the incredible changes going on with your body, and mind. So be gentle with your bad self!! Congrats on the pants buring...sounds like fun, and a good memory for your daughters.

Christine said...

Thanks you guys. Feeling better today. Hope all is well with you.

Amber said...

Bye bye fat pants!!!
Feels good doesn't it?