A walking, water retaining mo-fo


I had a great walk today. However, my scale has not budged in four days. As I was contemplating many things...(chucking my scale out my bathroom window and hopefully offing the obnoxious pug/ pseudo child of my next door neighbors, thereby eliminating two extreme irritants in one fell swoop) I realized that I had the word Nike imprinted on the side of my foot (not really, I did happen to notice, however, that every indent from my elasticized Nike ankle socks had left an impressions on my cankles. (N.-calf-ankles). A sure sign, as any previously pregnant woman knows, that I am retaining water. I felt much better, had a twinge about the ugly thoughts pertaining to my neighbor's dog, and left whistling a happy tune.... (Not really, but nobody and nothing was injured and tomorrow is another day). Plus, since I had 700 calories left for dinner, I went to subways and got a sodium laden Italian bmt with double meat and veggies with spicy mustard (650 CAL. all told) and mmmmmmmm....was it tasty. However, my body is now in full revolt and hanging on to every last drop of fluid it can find. That's okay, I still got two weeks to weigh in, asparagus here I come...lol. My calories were 1720 for the day, and I did my 2 mile in 30 minutes. I didn't feel stretched at all, so I am going to have to find a more strenuous route. signing off.
dimply yours,


Patty said...

No worries at all Chris. The water weight will drop and you will have the scale moving on down, and no blood was shed. :-) Wish we were neighbors so I could walk with you!

HiddenJewel said...

"dimply yours" LOL!!!
I don't trust my scale. Today it said I had gained a pound. After the day I had yesterday I don't see how that is physically possible. So, we're not speaking until it apologizes.