oakey doakey

I did a three mile walk on accident, not a 1.5 as i had supposed. Remember how I said I had 'mapped out walks' Well, in my stupor this morning, (thanks to my new commitment to work out before eating breakfast) instead of doing my 1.5, I did a 2.1. I then followed it up this evening with a 1 mile because of the erroneous presupposition that I had done only 1.5...therefore putting my total walking distance today at 3.1 miles. My longest walk yet...and it was on accident, lol. That puts my total mileage for this month at 16.1 miles. My calories were 1706. Last weeks kick in the rear was a little hump, this week I feel really good. That isn't saying next week I won't be down a bit, but I can only do one day at a time and feel grateful when it's a good day. I had one of my favorite meals for dinner today. It was my breaded Tyson chicken wrap with lettuce tomato and veggies with homemade honey mustard. I use a 100 calorie whole wheat tortilla, 130 gram Tyson prebreaded (then baked) chicken breast...whatever veggies you want...two T of mustard and 1 T of honey. Very filling and only 430 calories...I eat it with a salad on the side. The best part of the last three days is that I have been eating meals with my family. I feel very 'normal'. I can usually eat whatever they eat minus whatever starch I have included as a side. Like, I ate my wrap...they had chicken breast, stuffing and salad. I don't feel deprived. I need to be able to make one meal. So, yes I am keeping about sixty percent of our old menu with some minor tweaks for me, and then I am finding a new menu for the other 40. Until then I would say two or three dinners a week I am not eating or they are eating a new healthier version. My new meal is chicken and herb tortillini soup with broth and spinach, bread sticks and salad. The kids liked it, Tim liked and i liked. It wound up being somewhere around 500 calories. Next week I am going to try jenny o turkey burgers. I have already swapped out our old polska kielbasa for turkey and everyone liked it. They also liked the new whole grain bread, turkey bacon and sugar free pudding. I am very lucky to have a husband who is supportive in trying new foods. He even told me the other day that he likes the food BETTER. how awesome is that. Well, better head to bed...I have to be up early to exercise. Talk to everyone tommorrow.

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