I have been very hungry the last three days despite eating at or around 1700 calories. I am not sure if it's metabolism or what. I ate 1807 calories today to see if it cut down on the hunger pains, and it did a little. I am thinking I will hold on for a week or two and see what my weight loss is. I have been consistant with my walking. Last month, starting on May fourth, I walked every day in May. I took June 1rst off, when I weighed in, and then from the 2nd till the 5th (today) I have walked a total of 7.55 miles. I figure I will walk every day until something gets in the way. It is inevitable, and when it happens I will have all these other days of walking built up, so it won't be a big deal. So, things I am dealing with. I am tired, my walks the last three days have been much harder and I am hungry. I don't know if this is some sort of hump I am going to have to get over or what. It may be that my metabolism picked up and I am dropping weight a little faster than I should. I will see at next weigh in (on July 1rst). I do have a splurge day planned for the 12th in which I am sure any severe calorie deficit should be put to rights in a decisive manner };o)! I am aiming for moderate weight loss, not a biggest loser blow out. I want to get used to eating moderately and living healthy. So, I ...get this...DONT WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT TOO FAST. lol..... I think I am going to be fairly detailed on my blog about what exercise I am doing and what I am eating as I lose. I got a lot of good ideas from other peoples blogs and I hope I can help anyone who is unsure even what to eat or where to start. I am not the best nutrition wise. I eat "normal' food. I don't eat wheat grass, yogurt, tofu, or anything you turn into a smoothie. I like meat and vegetables, fruit and bread and such. I love eggs and eat them three or four times a week. (I know, I will drop dead of pick an ailment...blah blah blah) I eat full sodium everything, real coffee with real sugar and I eat hamburger two or three times a week. I use 93 percent which is about 200 calories for 4 ounces. I need real food. I need to feel as normal as possible and I need to make this a normal part of my life. That means "splurge days" will have to be replaced with eating a slightly higher calorie day two or three days out of every month. I will start this part of the process around month six or seven. Right now, psychologically, I need a "splurge" day. In time I think I can move to eating foods I love in moderation and begin to incorporate the higher calorie items in with my new mostly healthy choices. we will see. So today I walked 2.25 miles, I ate 1807 calories and drank 120 oz. of water. I had eggs for breakfast, mini cracker sandwiches for lunch, an apple and an an orange, two 60 calorie pudding snacks (ymmy) and turkey sausage with pepper strips and a salad for dinner. Got my two fruits and three veggies. I am thinking calorie defecit of somewhere around 800 calories today. Here is to tomorrow.


HiddenJewel said...

I'm so proud of your progress and commitment! Are you using any kind of program or tools or are you doing this on your own?
Keep up the good work walking!

Amber said...

You are doing great. Watching you and talking to you has been the kick in the butt I need. Hopefully, no I WILL keep it up and like you I will loose weight and become more healthy.
Thank You

Christine said...

Actually I am not doing any sort of program really. I am just counting calories and exercising. I am using tools though. For Mother's day, my husband asked me what I wanted and I told him a food scale. Since I am counting calories, weighing things like meat and pasta has been essential. I weighed my pasta and my beef tonight. That way I KNOW i am eating 270 calories worth of spaghetti and not just guessing. I got mine at walmart. Thank you for the kind words. I think I will put some of this into a post.