sunday... a day of rest

I took today off from officially walking. Although i did end up walking anyways, about a mile. My total for this month so far is 11 miles including todays walk to the new park in the neighborhood next to ours. Tommorrow I am going to do a 2 miler and push my speed in intervals. This is supposed to help you burn fat. I had a hard time downing 1700 calories today, I managaed to get in 1576, and right now, at 11:56 pm... I am stuffed. Weird, three days ago I wanted to gnaw someone's face off, today I am forcing myself to eat. My body is wack. I have been logging calories for 33 days now. I look at it and that little maxim comes to mind....Every day goes, you can be getting healthier or fatter. I am shocked that a whole month is already gone. If I had not started, I would still be 262 instead of 255 (as of june 1rst). This year will go whether or not I am eating right and exercising. I might as well redeem the time. By the way, I am 5'3. I will log my new weight on July 1rst, along with my daily calorie counts and weight loss and exercise numbers....that way anyone just browsing can see the correlation.

wiwtlw Reason 5: To be a mom my daughters can be proud of.


Amber said...

You do need to rest her and there! Glad ou were able to rest today.
Good job on tracking your calories so well. I am working on that part!

I can relate to your # 5 reason!!!

Great job!

HiddenJewel said...

WOOHOO! Seven pounds! That is fantastic! Every time you see a 5lb bag of sugar or flour at the store remember that you've already dropped the equivalent of one bag and you're on your way toward two. Keep up the good work.