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Well, enough moping about my childhood. Something happy. Today I was standing at the sink and my little girl came up to me and said "You are the best mom in the whole world and I love you'. At that moment I realized that I had already created a "top of the heap' moment. My kids love me and I am the only mother they will have. They have been my number one priority since the day they were born, and in many ways (although I am absolutely doing this for me) I am also doing this for them. So, enough of that...God always has a way of righting the ship. Tommorrow I weigh in at my neighbors house. I will be taking a photo and uploading it. I am doing this because I have signed onto the anti jared's sixty day challenge. I know he has a lot of challenges you could possibly do, but alot of the work, personal work has already been done. There was just one last thing I had to take care of with the way one particular person chooses to communicate. I have taken care of that now. Onward and upward. I am all about the physical this year. I walked 1.8 miles today, have some residual issues with the head cold, but nothing that is going to impede me in any way. I do believe my Friend AK is on the brink of doing this as well. I feel calling her out in my blog is a fair push...lol. My big deal will not be doing so much differently, but really sticking to my program of counting calories and exercising consistantly, and continuing to draw firm boundaries regarding how others communicate their feelings to me. That Is what I am doing. I do believe this was how long boot camp was in the army. How appropo. Luckily, this time I won't be in the middle of podunk south carolina in 100 degree heat with 90% humidity while I get three hours of sleep a night only to awake to complete strangers screaming at me. (I did lose some weight though ;p ) .
Any who, this IS SUNDAY. Inspiration sunday. This week my Inspiration is Ruby Gettinger. She has a show on the style network. Ruby is trying to lose alot of weight. She started at around 500 lbs. She has a great attitude, and if you want to read more about her you can go to her website.

Sometimes when I think about HOW MUCH weight I have to lose, (like when I first stepped on the scale at 262), It was Ruby who popped into my head. I thought, Ruby would give her right eye to be at this weight right now, who am I to complain. Just get moving. I hope she helps you all have patience.

Well, God bless and Hugs,


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Amber said...

I just spent 30 min looking through Ruby's site. WOW!!
Talk about inspiraton!

Great lady!