Inspiration sunday

Okay then, Since Sunday is technically my day of rest from exercise (apart from cleaning my house from top to bottom). I have decided to Make Sundays my Inspiration Day. Mostly they will be people I find inspiring, and I hope you will find inspiring as well. So, for my kick off I picked a doozy. My inspiration for the week is Major Phil Packer of the British Royal Marines. Major Packer was injured in an ied explosion about 1 and 1/2 years ago in Iraq. In the time since, he has dedicated himself to raising one million pounds for disabled or injured veterans. He does this by setting and meeting self imposed challenges. He has rowed across the English Channel, ran the London Marathon, and most recently, climbed El Capitan in Yosemite national park. Why does this impress me so much. His injury technically left Major Packer a paraplegic. While he accepted the diagnosis, He continued to work with what he did have. In the process, he regained partial use of his legs, raised one million pounds for others, and has done things a majority of completely able bodied people haven't done. His fortitude is an inspiration to me. If he can do what he does, then I can do what I need to do....

Here's a couple links and pictures:

and Maj. Packer on top of El capitan, he used a special sling and pull himself to the top using only his arms, it took four days.
It took him 13 days to complete the london Marathon walking two miles a day using crutches and calipers and living with constant pain. He also has the rest of his life to deal with his injuries and his nerve pain, but he hasn't given up, sat down or quit. I like this guy. He is my inspiration for the week. Who is your inspiration and why?
I stayed on program today...1750 calories, no exercise but took my vitamins, ate my apple and even made myself some spinach soup. Tommorrow, it's back to walking. I bought some mole skin for my blister, so I am ready to go. Good luck to all of you.

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Patty said...

Wow, you picked a really amazing guy for your inspiraton. I don't have a specific person that inspires me, but maybe I need one! My inspiration for being healthy is getting to enjoy life on this earth for as long as possible without being a burden to anyone else.

I have to admit, that I have never heard a Miley Cyrus song until now, and that girl can really sing!